Natural Hair Treatment Lemon Rinse Oil

Natural Hair Treatment: DIY Lemon Rinse Water

Lemon Rinse Water As A Natural Hair Treatment

This recipe is one of the easiest ones to prepare. The simplest solutions are often the most effective ones: After your usual shampoo, simply rinse your hair with this mix! Your hair will be much shinier.


  • Half a medium-sized lemon (or 1 small one);
  • Water.


  • An empty bottle (1 liter bottles would do!)
  • A funnel.


  • Squeeze the lemon juice, then pour it into the empty bottle using the funnel;
  • Fill the bottle with cool water;
  • Use that water to rinse your hair each time you shampoo;
  • No need to wash your hair after rinsing it with the lemon water.
  • Repeat at least 3 times a week.


  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure after rinsing your hair with the lemon water as it could lighten your hair.


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