Argan oil benefits –
How to take maximum advantage of
the cosmetic Argan oil version

Argan oil benefits’ list, as a natural product, continue to prove
to be unparalleled, as clinical research still reveals more & more
benefits of this amazing wonder.

In fact, the world outside Morocco is only just starting to understand
the countless ways Argan oil can improve health, beauty and lives.


 Argan oil benefits all age groups and both genders, all kind of skins, hair and nails alike.

Each time I think about the Argan oil benefits, there is this cliché movie scene of the person who is on a quest searching the magic potion in a far adventure-land and finds it after a long and tiresome search!

Once he / she brings it home closes the door carefully, wipes everything off the table, puts it there and stares at it as if this potion is all he/she needs and it is, indeed, all he/she needs!

Now, when we consider all the old chemical cosmetic products Argan oil can replace thanks to its variety of benefits and uses as a versatile cosmetic wonder, it is pretty obvious that one could get rid of a vast gamut of these -meanwhile- more or less useless pseudo-solutions!

Unlike other conventional cosmetic products, Argan oil benefits all age groups and both genders, all kind of skins, hair and nails alike thus solving the beauty and cosmetic products jam one often sees on the dressing tables. This is why…

“This is why the Argan oil benefits are worth our earnest attention.”

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But before I reveal the one condition, that will make all the difference between those who take full advantage of the genuine Argan oil benefits, and those who are concerned only about finding the cheapest Argan oil
on the block (and which will allow you to take full advantage of the Argan oil benefits), let me give you a quick & objective view about Argan oil as a natural product so you can understand the importance here.

The thorny Argan tree, the “Tree of Life” as we locals in southwestern Morocco call it — or the “Argania Spinosa” as it is officially called — is one of the rarest found trees on earth.

It was around for hundreds if not thousands of years (some even claim it is dating back to millions of years!) and so is its oil which made the Argan tree gain more and more importance on the local and international scene.

The golden-colored Argan oil, one of the rarest oils, has been hand-extracted from the Argania Spinosa kernels in a time-consuming process and used in its pure form by the local community for centuries as multipurpose resource in a variety of ways.

Besides its traditional medicinal use, Argan oil benefits the vital functions of many body organs. The Argan oil was used on the culinary plane, to refine the local cuisine… (more on that in the next section)

granmaOn the cosmetic plane, the local women used the precious Argan oil as the main ingredient in their traditional beauty recipes regiment to nourish and protect their hair, skin and nails as a remedy against the regional bone-dry conditions in here.

Pure Argan oil benefits also babies as it is used as a massage oil and insect repellent.

Additionally to its numerous uses for humans, the Argan tree is used as feed for horses and farm animals (i.e. goats).

Its wood is used for both building purposes and together with the Argan nut shells as charcoal source due to their slow-burning properties.

Nowadays Argan oil is still the only pure and natural multipurpose oil out there which finds uses in the heart-healthy gourmet cuisine, in health care and cosmetics.

The Argan oil benefits were the major reason that positioned this raw elixir to gain an ever increasing popularity mostly in the cosmetic field as the most precious and most beneficial cosmetic oil available on the market to date.

No wonder it was featured in worldwide renowned cosmetic & beauty magazines, in addition to a reasonable number of big newspaper companies.

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Argan oil benefits play a major role in its worldwide fame.

And this despite its numerous inducing healthful properties as well as all the other benefits on different planes.

Argan oil was labeled in the worldwide cosmetic and beauty product industry with names like “Liquid Gold”, “The Miracle Ingredient” and even “The Magic Anti-Aging Elixir“ becoming this way a high-end luxury good on the global scene.

What makes Argan oil such a stellar ingredient according to different modern analyses, dermatologists as well as many beauty experts and skin specialists is its richness in phytosterols, unsaturated fatty acids and its rare form of vitamin E.

The fast increase of Argan oil benefits´ popularity underlines the fact that the golden oil has become a kind of “synonym“ to beauty, care and health to a lot of women.

This fame has urged the personal-care producers to use Argan oil because of its wide list of natural composants and properties as one of their fundamental ingredients.

As a result, Argan oil became a best-seller with an ever-increasing demand on the global market (i.e. some items with Argan oil as an ingredient were in the top 100 selling beauty products for almost 900 days!).

Yet, despite the amazing potential of Argan oil benefits, one should bear in mind that the quantity of Argan oil used in the industrial cosmetic products varies from some “traces” to a substantial amount.

Here is an amazing video (The Story of Cosmetics),
that will give you a deeper idea about what I mean:

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As this point you’re probably wondering:

“How can I make sure I take full advantage of the Argan oil benefits?”

As you already know by know, cosmetic Argan oil comes directly from the Argan kernel and it is hence most potent when used fresh-pressed, 100% pure & organic.

Simply because the more you mix Argan oil with any other natural substance, the less efficient are the components contained in Argan oil become, let alone what happens to the potency of any natural product when mixed with chemicals.

Bottom line

There’s no doubt about it: Using Argan oil fresh-pressed, 100% pure & organic is THE best way to not only help you fight any beauty, cosmetic issues you enduring right now, but it will also enable you strengthen your body’s natural defenses and hence, protect your health and beauty for decades to come.

Argan oil was & continues to be the cornerstone of the south Moroccan daily uses including the cosmetic and the culinary ones — an essential nutritional & cosmetic mainstay for one the world’s longest-living cultures.

Our ancestors realized the outstanding Argan oil benefits through their respect for nature, and they understood that in order to get the maximum out this God-sent Elixir, it should be used as is: fresh-pressed, pure & natural.

Ready to get started?

Culinary Argan oil benefits

Culinary Argan oil benefits are unrivaled.
As Olive oil is the essential of the Mediterranean diet — culinary Argan oil is the cornerstone / nutritional mainstay of the south-Moroccan culture: One among the world’s longest-living populations.

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Culinary Argan Oil Keeps the heart young & healthy

A diet rich in culinary Argan oil may actually be able to reasonably slow down the aging of the heart.
It is no secret that as we grow older, the heart also endures a normal aging process. This often results in arteries malfunction and this can lead to a number of heavy health issues.
However researchers confirmed in several clinical studies during the last decade, that a diet rich in culinary Argan oil or other monounsaturated fats (i.e. EVOO) improves the arterial function of young & elderly folks alike.