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Here’s why clients trust us...

Argan Oil Reviews

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-- Erin May Bulfango / Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

It is the one true all-natural magic you just have to witness for yourself in this world! Nothing compares!

I was worried over falling under the same scam of buying yet another "argan oil" which would not address any of my skin problems & which all the research work & write-ups claimed it can do!

It surprised me that you can tell the quality is different after the very first time you even use it!

It amazed me all the more when I could personally say that it works on everybody!

It works as it promised it would.

No more crow's feet lines for me (and verrrry happy!) & no more dry skin on the side of my nose! I would strongly suggest you go for Arganfarm- this advice I am giving as a friend & a sister. You'll regret it big time otherwise!

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-- Joan Padley / San Francisco, CA, USA

I ordered 3 litters of the delicious culinary Argan oil from Argan Farm in July & received the shipment in perfect shape. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to use 3 litters by next July but it is November & we are emptying the first litter, because it is so good!!

The taste is exquisite!
I am enjoying Argan oil on salads and mixed in with almond butter. It seems to join with food on a deep level; it brings out a wonderful taste & adds something very unique, the Argan flavor is all its own, at least I've never tasted anything like it.

My entire family enjoys it.
Buying 3 litters was an excellent idea. Now we don't have to dole it out one teaspoon at a time.
My latest way to enjoy Argan oil is on goat cheese. So delicious!

Thanks so much for the purity of the product. I trust Argan Farm & feel great about the quality.
Again, my thanks to you and the Argan Farm Collective.
Sending you many blessings, with best regards.

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"I have ordered a few oils from different companies and this one is by far the best in price and purest quality I have found."

-- Nash / USA

-- Nash / USA is by far the best.

I have SEVERE dry skin on my face, lips and legs. I have used organic (raw) coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil & other expensive creams. Nothing helped restore my skin (I can wear makeup again!- yay!!) like argan oil.

I was desperate to find a cure & I finally have. I also use this for my children's skin. They love it! Give it a shot. I hope you will love it as much as I do.

My skin has improved SO well & I just started on it. I believe this stuff is AMAZING!
I have ordered a few oils from different companies and this one is by far the best in price and purest quality I have found (after days of research & contacting multiple companies to answer my questions).

It has changed my family's life. The best thing that has happened to our family. We are striving for longevity & healthy happy life. May God bless you!

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-- Luca D'Angelo / Parksville - British Columbia, Canada

Compared to the other lesser quality products it actually smells like Argan Oil; which means that it is 100%.

That is the way I like it.

I have just started using for about 2 weeks now. I purchased it because I heard that Argan Oil can help in promoting hair regrowth.

I have a shampoo that has Argan oil in it. And I thought it might be more effective if I put pure oil on too! Well we will wait and see.

It has helped with dry scalp and dandruff already.

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-- Amelie Harris / HARPENDEN, Hertfordshire - England

I wouldn’t have believed there’s such an oil! It turned my hard-to-manage locks into something quite remarkable!!!
The best part is when my friends ask about the trick =) Thx for the AWESOME goodies by the way!!

-- Lucy Haas / Ontario - Canada

After reading a few Argan oil reviews online, I decided to invest in it (a fraction of the cost of all my beauty products put together!).
My skin cleared up within days and it looks much healthier than it did before. I can’t recommend it enough!!

-- Rose Franklin

Once you use it, you´ll never abandon it again. You´ll LOVE it!!

-- Andreas Wokittel / Recklinghausen, Deutschland

Ware und Abwicklung entspricht voll und ganz meinen Vorstellungen.

"My entire family enjoys it."

-- Joan Padley / San Francisco, CA, USA

-- Christie Young

First I was skeptical about the whole Argan oil thing. And I'm a little misgiving when it comes to putting any oil directly on my face as my skin tends to immediately break out. But after I saw the effects at my little sister I thought I give it a try. Thanks to the money-back guarantee I've had nothing to loose after all & I'm glad I did, because now I don't want to miss it anymore!

-- Geraldine Arnoult / Paris - France

Je suis très contente d’avoir finalement décidée de commander de l’huile d’argan chez arganfargm, en plus vos produit sont a la porté de tous. En plus le rapport prix/qualité est vraiment top. Depuis que j’ai reçue ma livraison, j’utilise l’huile d’argan tous les soirs et ma peau est devenue bien douce et veloutée. Cette huile m’a était recommandée par une collègue de travail – merci a toi Fati 😉

-- Justine Foyart / Mantes-La-Jolie - France

J’ai reçu l’huile rapidement et bien emballé dans un petit carton. Depuis, j’utilise cette merveille pour mes cheveux secs ansi que pour ma peau et j’en suis vraiment trés satisfaite.
Merci pour le cadeau bonus =)

-- Zoe Horn / USA

My scalp skin was very oily and that annoyed me often! But that’s history now thanks to your oil. I appreciate that!
(As I’m more of a naturalist I couldn’t bring myself to think of using any products containing chemicals)

-- Abby Walter / Basel - Switzerland

When I noticed wrinkles on my face, I reckoned it was age & when I first heard about Argan oil, I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a try anyway. You can’t imagine my happiness about the outcome 🙂
Plus, the free stuff I got in my package makes your offer a no brainer! Merci Beaucoup =))

-- Joel Schulze / USA

I live in California and my heels are prone to dryness and are most of the time cracked. Many products failed to help.
Happily I had the chance to try Argan oil from my neighbor (and friend) and I’m glad I did. I’m more than satisfied with the effect (and the price!)!!

-- Liza Marie Kloster / HARPENDEN, Hertfordshire - England

After we gave it a try, me & both my daughters, we're are now faithful users of Argan Oil. By the way, I'm 58 & they are both 30+

-- Abbey K. / Auckland - New Zealand

Argan oil is really amazing: the BEST I’ve ever used for my hair!
Cheers for the free & valuable bonus! You guys are one of a kind!!!

"It is the one true all-natural magic you just have to witness for yourself in this world! Nothing compares!"

-- Erin May Bulfango / Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

-- Teresa Lothamer / New Jersey - USA

The Arganfarm team was incredibly thorough and helpful, before and after my purchase. They went way above and beyond to answer all my questions and then followed-up to make sure everything was fine. It was a really pleasant experience with them and I highly recommend them to anyone who seeks authentic advice when it comes to Argan oil questions and supply. Thank you a lot!

-- Ruth Pamphile / Roslindale, MA - USA

Thank you, for my gift from my previous order, I am enjoying my pure Argan oil and feeling the difference from products of other companies which I still have unused portions leftover. I like the effects of your argan on my skin and would like to order a larger size so my whole family can share the benefits. Please let me know the price for larger sizes. THANKS

-- Lana Britz

First, I’ve been apprehensive about the whole Argan oil thing despite the results I saw at my cousin. But After giving it a shot, I'm sooo glad I did. Honestly, I've not come across an oil quite like Argan Oil yet!!

-- Amelie Bradley / NY - USA

I got my Argan oil this past week & I tried it straight in one of my hair pamper-session: MY HAIR HASN’T BEEN SOFTER!

-- Alexanne Parker / New York, USA

Argan oil is now my skin protector especially in harsh weather and my stressful days..

-- Hannelore Kleis / Toronto - Canada

Argan oil rid me off my deeply cracked heels and I can’t thank you enough for the tip and your amazing surprise package!!

-- Alicia Cook / USA

I got my shipment of Argan Oil last week and have been using it on my skin, face, hair, cuticles, wounds, etc. This oil is AMAZING!
My skin is very dry in the winter and my hair is thick and dry.
Since using this oil my skin is soft and my hair is so much more manageable.
The oil doesn’t leave a residue, soaks in fast and smells nice. My husband was injured by a plasma cutter and I put some Argan Oil on the wound.
The next day his wound was so much better that he didn’t even need a bandage! I have totally stopped using all my other beauty products and tossed most of them. The free gift is also wonderful and high quality!
Thanks guys for making me a believer in Argan Oil. It truly is “liquid gold”.

-- Christine Tamura / New York, USA

Amazingly, after I started using Argan oil, my hands feel by far softer. Yet the pleasing relief was the extremely fast results on my (to put it mildly..) stressed cuticles.
And to be honest, I dind’t expect you put that much value in the promised free bonus package. RESPECT guys!!!

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Start giving your health & beauty the care it deserves with Arganfarm Argan oil

We'd love to have you as another happy client.