Argan oil as a massage oil for your body

Argan Oil As A Massage Oil

Argan oil as a massage oil leaves neither residue nor greasy marks on the skin, thanks to its no-oily and no-greasy properties.

As you may have hitherto read, pure Argan oil, also known as “King of Oils”, scores high as well on many different cosmetic areas (and for all kinds of skins) like skin- and hair care, thanks to its multifarious properties.

These unique attributes have qualified this natural gift to be one of the best and finest oils to use as a massage oil.

Exactly as pure Argan oil gained fame and momentum in many other beauty and health care sectors, it also found its way to a huge number of professional spas and became the state-of-the-art for massage salons as an all-round massage oil.

Pure Argan oil is exceptionally effective as a massage oil after a warm bath or shower.

It penetrates the skin deeply, unleashing a great tender feeling of relaxation experience to your body.

Thanks to its no-oily and no-greasy property, pure Argan oil leaves neither residue nor greasy sparking marks on the skin.

On the contrary, it softens it naturally.

Simultaneously to a massage, organic pure Argan oil does not only relax your body but, thanks to its health-care qualities, it also:

  • Relieves stressed joints pain
  • Soothes sore muscles
  • Relaxes the spine
  • Improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Moisturizes, revitalizes and protects the skin
  • Treats a wide list of other skin issues

and much much more!

No wonder that the liquid gold from Morocco is nowadays considered to be one of the Hollywood “A- list” society beauty secrets.

Application Of Argan Oil As A Massage Oil

After a warm bath, shower, sauna or hammam, towel your body dry and rub some pure Argan oil warm in your hand palms using a circular motion.

Then, gently spread and massage it into your skin.

The longer the massage duration, the more Argan oil you can add and the better it is.

The oil quantity depends on your skin type!

Bonus Tips

A very good practice is to apply a layer of Argan oil to the body the evening before the massage day.

Also, during the bath or shower, you can use a kessa (scrubbing glove) to perform a light exfoliation to remove dead skin cells (try a circular movement).

This will prepare your skin to better benefit and take full advantage of both: the massage and the Argan oil potential as a massage oil.

Your skin will become supple with a long-lasting silky, baby-skin feel.

Applying Argan oil for your hands and nails


  1. Interestingly, that Argan oil can leave no greasy sparking marks nor residue to the skin due to its no-oily and no-greasy properties. Additionally, it can help relieve stressed joint pains, relax the spine, moisturize the skin, and a lot of other benefits. I’m sure my wife would love this since she’s quite the health freak. To be able to massage her would be a nice incentive for me too. I’ll try to seek some of these massage oil and surprise her with a message after she comes home from her work. Thanks!

  2. Hi, my mum gave me a bottle of Argan Life, pure organic argan oil. She wasn’t using it. I put a small amount into the palm of my hand and began to massage it the skin of my forearm. The longer I massaged the hotter the oil became.
    Is this a normal reaction? I googled it but couldn’t find any reference to it heating up.
    This bottle is pretty old. Could that have any bearing?
    thank you

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for stopping by.
      Well, if you aren’t rubbing / massaging the oil on your forearm in a super quick movement, then that is not normal at all. There is no reason why 100% pure & organic Argan oil should heat by only massaging it gently!
      May I ask how old is the Argan oil bottle from the trademark you mentioned?


    1. Hi Alia,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Glad you found the article useful 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment Lala 🙂
      Glad you found the article useful.

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