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Buy Argan Oil Stress-Free: 6 Easy and Actionable Tips [2019]

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How to buy Argan oil the right way

Buy Argan oil. It is really easy!
But getting your hands on 100% pure, organic, fair-trade & fresh-pressed Argan oil is an entirely different beast.

To buy argan oil nowadays, regardless whether you are an Argan oil connoisseur, or a new-comer, one has to consider some essential points before hitting the “order” button.

In fact, many readers ask me about what to pay attention to & what to avoid when you want to buy Argan oil.

If you too are seriously considering joining the people who do really care about their health and beauty, and want to buy Argan oil stress-free, make sure you read this post.

I know, it’s long of a read. Yet it spells everything out to get a complete understanding on how to buy Argan oil – organic and pure – the right (read: more profitable) way that profits both you and the women producing it.

Original pure and organic Argan oil is produced only from the Argan tree’s fruits grown naturally, usually unfarmed, with no chemicals whatsoever here in south-west Morocco.

When 100% pure, you get the best bang for your bucks, because the Argan oil you buy in this case is neither diluted nor blended, unadulterated with other oils or fragrances.

It ensures maximum potential benefits.

One of the major reasons I’ve built up this site, is that I’ve seen enough people who have been had when they buy Argan oil, and I thought –hopefully– another article showing one of the right ways to buy Argan oil would be worthwhile.

My biggest reward, therefore, are the emails with the positive feedback I get from our readers and clients.

I´m glad this helped.

Although Argan oil has gained tremendous fame in the last decade, there are a lot of people who actually have never heard of it yet, let alone know how to use it right and how to avoid getting scammed buying it.

That being said, many of those who’ve heard about, and / or used it (especially people into health and beauty care), may still have some issues about where and how to make sure to buy Argan oil and how to make sure to get the pure organic one.

So here is a straight forward read to avoid getting trapped in any of the fallacies, and pitfalls along the way and to make sure you get what you pay for.

Just a note before you go further: this is my way of doing it as a native… This is not the only way, but it is a simple and effective way to buy Argan oil, and one of the most direct ones to consequently secure the best quality for the best price.

Due to its multipurpose uses and benefits, Argan oil remains one of the rarest vegetable oils worldwide making it a lucrative cosmetic business.

This fact unfortunately attracted many greedy entrepreneurs who jumped on the train and started, among other practices, to manufacture the demand which resulted in many distortions and fallacies about this valuable oil.


Selecting premium Argan oil quality

Nowadays, the possibility to buy Argan oil is available all around the globe and all over the net.

Yet, to make sure you´re purchasing 100% pure organic Argan oil, it takes unfortunately more than just a close look on the product label.

To secure the best deal for your money in buying pure organic unadulterated Argan oil, it’s crucial you take many factors into consideration.

To provide you with a better understanding, here’s my check-list about things you may want to pay attention to before you buy Argan oil:


1. Buy Argan oil according to its origin

Buy Argan OilWhen choosing to buy Argan oil, it’s of utmost importance to always make sure it is – besides being pure and organic – Moroccan.

This may sound pretty obvious, but and this is a big but, believe it or not, some guys are ridiculously pretending to have “invented” a new kind of Argan tree providing oil quality “similar” to the original one!

Moreover, if you want to take the whole thing an extra mile, simply buy fair-trade Argan oil. In order to ensure that, these are the best choices:

a. Either you buy Argan oil directly from one of the Argan oil cooperatives. These do not only display their products on site but a number of them also export all over the globe

b. Or, if you don’t have the option to buy Argan oil on site, you still have the possibility to buy it directly from somebody who sources it locally from cooperatives. This way you tremendously minimize the risk of being had!

By choosing to buy Argan oil products – pure organic – either way, you are not only securing a high quality product & enriching your health with the best care, but you´re supporting a worthy cause by taking an ethical environmental approach while sustaining the community members whose lives depend on this fair-trade wages, as the product is coming directly from the local traditional producers.

Watch out, though!

One can’t but wonder how many of the mechanical Argan oil producing companies shamelessly promote their products as being hand-made by local women when these hard-working women have never been involved, in any way whatsoever, in the production processes of these companies!

Fortunately, the contradiction in these companies’ various bold claims refute their previous assertion: on the one hand, they pretend the mechanical press extraction is far better than the traditional one; on the other hand, they tell you their oil is hand-pressed by the local women and thus indirectly confirming the traditional oil superiority!


2. Don’t let the “Argan oil” wording in some brand names fool you


Due to the sea of health and beauty care products coming and going on the market, various health-care and beauty treatment products manufacturers compete and brag of utilizing pure Argan oil as a part of their ingredients to build a hype and attempt to make it to the best-seller “seat”.

One more reason to be skeptical.

Simply bear in mind that these products may contain – additionally to other unnatural chemical ingredients – Argan oil quantities, that vary from some drops to a significant amount.

buy argan oil 1

Simply bear in mind that these products may contain – additionally to other unnatural chemical ingredients – Argan oil quantities, that vary from some drops to a significant amount.

Moreover, any additives or chemicals reduce the Argan oil’s effectiveness and make it heavy and gooey (if only they leave the chemicals out): numerous kinds of silicone, synthetic fragrances to scent the cosmetics, some even used in insecticides (i.e. Benzyl Benzoate).

So if you have the option to buy Argan oil 100% pure, organic & genuine to take advantage of its amazing natural benefits, what sense does it make to purchase a product that contains substances like Benzyl Benzoate which are not only toxic but also irritant to your skin & hair & which contain only traces of Argan oil?

{A product name containing the word(s) “Argan”, “Argan oil” in it or suggesting in any way it is Argan oil (e.g. the Moroccan oil, the oil of Morocco..) doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting pure organic Argan oil.}


Here is a video that illustrates a very good example on why, in my humble opinion, a “BIG brand” Argan oil product isn’t necessarily a guarantee you buy Argan oil that’s 100% pure & organic.

Beware of the weird imitations and the numerous mixtures out there.

It has unfortunately become a kind of habit among many middle-men to water down the oil with other less expensive, poor-quality oils and substances along the way between the producers and the end-customers, yet promoting it as 100% pure, and shamelessly charging the same market price ogling juicy profits!

There are even some brands who sell their customers the culinary Argan oil and charging for the cosmetic one.

It´s true that there are some people who had a bad experience buying half or one liter of what passes for Argan oil from some kids selling it along the roadsides between Essaouira and Agadir for example.

Decidedly this is testimony of the cheating practiced on the oil.

But I’m surprised almost no one’s named the actual scam practiced by well-established & worldwide renowned companies on a far larger scale than the mentioned roadside one!

Long story short: If you buy Argan oil, there should be no other ingredients on the label!

Start giving your hair & skin the care they deserve today!

Use the following coupon code, and get 10% discount on your cosmetic Argan oil purchase today!


3. How pure & organic Argan oil should smell

Here lies the devil, as many dealers are selling their customers — knowingly or not? — the culinary Argan oil for the price of the cosmetic one.

Although the scent of natural Argan oil in general depends on many factors (origin of the Argan fruits, the area where it’s processed, the extraction method etc…), one big distinction can still be made through the smell:

The strong nutty smell of the culinary Argan oil is brought out through roasting before the grinding process, whilst the cosmetic Argan oil has a very light natural smell which fades away shortly after applying it on your skin.

The goats’ Argan oil however — though the share of this oil version is insignificant on the market — smells weirdly strong with an animal smell-touch in it.


4. How genuine Argan oil should look

buy-argan-oil-3Color-wise, the cosmetic high-grade Argan oil, has more of a natural yellowish golden color while the culinary one has a kind of red/orange touch that also results out of the roasting procedure.

Although more often than not, many filtrations are required to reach a certain Argan oil purity and clarity, the final pure product will still contain minimal amounts of the sediment.

So contrary to what a lot of people might think, this is by no means a sign of bad Argan oil quality but is a kind of a natural organic quality and authenticity “certification“.

Texture-wise, both have a smooth feel.

Anything heavy, gooey or stingy is more likely a diluted mixture (if at all!).

Furthermore, 100% pure Argan oil seeps easily & quickly into the skin without leaving any oily or greasy feeling.


5. Buy the right Argan oil version: Culinary vs. cosmetic (aka. Cold pressed) Argan oil

Let´s clear some misleading terminology first: There’s a lot of confusion and on-going controversial debate out there about the legitimacy of the “cold pressed” (more accurately: natural unroasted) as well as the “first press” descriptions attributed to the mechanically extracted Argan oil.

Whether you agree or disagree about the validity of these terms, it’s up to you of course, but one thing is sure though, despite the propaganda you might hear or have heard: this hype originated from the olive-oil-industry mafia, as the only benefit of a cold-pressed oil is the highly profitable yield of this specific extraction procedure.

In the Argan oil case, the pressing of the Argan kernels (without roasting them) to gain cosmetic Argan oil, allows for a longer shelf life than the culinary one.

Furthermore, to describe any Argan oil as “first press” is in my opinion a big fallacy simply because there’s no “second press” Argan oil.

Once the kernels are pressed, the resulting dough contains no more oil!

Yet a certain number of industrials as well as some “know-it-all” folks out there, pretend they know better than methods which have been preserved for hundreds of years (and preach that the culinary one can’t be used for cosmetic purposes), not because of lack of evolution but because of their simplicity and efficiency: Traditional lore.

I’m not against evolution, provided it is all-embracing (and preserving the full oil potential in this case!) 😉

Many newbies wishing to buy Argan oil ask also about which is better: the culinary or cosmetic Argan oil.

Although this is the “how-long-is-a-piece-of-rope” kind of question, in the case of Argan oil, it is noteworthy that the culinary Argan oil has been used here for hundreds of years as a multipurpose product not only for culinary but also health-care and beauty purposes alike, whilst the cosmetic one is used for beauty matters only.

Besides, according to my personal experience as a native who has the possibility to try both the culinary and the cosmetic Argan oil, the results for my needs were almost the same.


6. There’s no “cheap” Argan oil. Period.

For some people, pure organic Argan oil tends to sound relatively expensive at first glance.

But one should differentiate between the self-justification of the price through the hard time-consuming labour the women had put in it as well as the rareness of the raw material and the unnecessary factors that in many cases cause the frightening prices, like – in this case – the greedy middlemen, the hefty marketing campaigns and the over-kill packaging..

… yet, it doesn’t mean that over-priced Argan oil is necessarily genuine!

Bottom line:

The good news is that at the present time more and more people are already able to recognize the differences in Argan oil qualities because they simply know better now.
Now you too have clues at hand which make it easier for you to make sure you buy Argan oil and get premium quality oil worth your bucks and your trust!

buy argan 2 oil

The bottom line: There are many respectable brands I know of, who charge very fair prices for their genuine Argan oil.



  1. I was emailing your company about wholesale ordering, all was fine until I requested certificates and I haven’t heard back since. This is my third week chasing up. I emailed many times asking for someone to respond to me but I am yet to hear back. I am a little confused by the lack of email response. Can someone respond to my emails and queries please? Thanks.

    1. Hi Yan,

      Thank you for your email.
      I’m sorry to hear you have issues reaching our support, but you can rest assured that it has nothing to do with you asking about a certificate or any other document, since each and every wholesale shipment dispatch has a copy included automatically.
      If you didn’t receive your copy with your wholesale shipment, please note that sometimes customs agents forget to put it back in after the customs’ clearance procedure.
      If you give me your wholesale order number, I’ll happily let one of my colleagues email you PDF copy of yours 🙂
      Furthermore, I’ll notify my colleagues at support on a timely manner to see what’s the matter with your emails and you will hear from us shortly.
      I hope this helps and don’t hesitate to let us know if you need further assistance.


    2. Hi Yan,

      This is a follow-up comment to let you know that my colleague Tamara from support has sent you 3 emails till now, but received no feedback from you yet.

      The first email was sent on October 1st, and the next one on October 2nd as a follow-up to see if you received the first one.
      Meanwhile, she received a new message from you (upon which she replied on October 4th) that has no mention in it of you receiving her her 2 previous emails to you.
      If you give me your permission, I’ll happily publish screenshots of those emails here under your comment for you to see.

      Noteworthy here is that none of our readers or clients reported having any problems whatsoever sending us emails and / or receiving our replies.


  2. Aw, this was an extremely good post. Taking a few minutes and actual
    effort to create a good article? but what can I say?
    I procrastinate a lot and don’t manage to get anything done.

  3. Quality posts is the key to attract the visitors to visit the site, that’s what this website
    is providing.

  4. Wow so educative, i am an ardent fan to pure organic Argan oil from morroco.

    1. Hi Rahul,

      Thank you for your interest in our products.
      Please note that our MOQ starts up from 5 liters. If that fits your business needs, make sure to fill the form on our wholesale inquiries’ page.

      All the best.

    2. Author

      Hi Rahul,

      Thank you for your interest in our products.

      Please make sure to fill in the form on the following page so my colleagues in the support can give you precise information 🙂


  5. hi,
    i want to know the effect of argon oil on melanin production in facial skin when used indoor(obviously nt in suntanning) as i am an asian and prefer melanin reduction resulting fair skin.
    Kindly send the responce in email aswell.

  6. I have read many sites stating argan oil should not be stored in a transparent bottle so as not to reduce its quality.I am getting worried about your bottle even though I want to order

    1. Hi Belinda,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Unfortunately, the claim that Argan oil needs to be bottled in dark glass is simply an unfounded marketing gag that has nothing to do with the reality.

      Please check the answer on the following link – (See the answer to Jitka’s comment.)

      I hope this answers your question 🙂


  7. Thank you for sharing these points about Argan Oil. I totally agree with you, the product quality should be best. This oil has no fragrance and kept in glass bottles. This oil is a multitasking oil, use of hair and skin both care.

  8. Hi ……. not knowing anything about oils, I tried **** Argan oil. I only use it on my hair and I have had very good luck with it. I never have used it cosmetically, so I can’t judge it for that. It is alcohol free which is good; although there seems to be other ingredients in it also. If your stuff can be used on the skin, that is even better.

  9. Please can you give me the name and where I can buy pure argan oil .thank you so much for your help. Carolina

    1. Hi Carolina
      I’m from morocco, i live in Agadir (argan’s place), if you are intersted to buy pure argan oil, you can be sure that you are here in the right place. Arganfarm’s product quality is top of the shelf :))

  10. Hello! I’m on the search for genuine honest oil and before I discovered your site I had already ordered and received an argan oil from a company claiming that the source is from a female cooperative.

    I received it but an finding it difficult to discern and be convinced that I have a legit oil. The label is clearly labeled with all the right wording and certifications. The thing that is troubling me is the smell. It doesn’t smell nutty (I’m thinking like almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans) It smells like herd animal, sort of cheesy animal (horse, cow, goat) smell. Is my oil real or is it rancid? Please and thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Stacy,

      Thanks for writing in.

      Unfortunately, labels & ‘certifications’ don’t mean much nowadays if the supplier isn’t honest ;(

      Furthermore, it is impossible to tell if your oil is genuine or not from far! Please note that many Argan oil new-users are confusing the original Argan nutty smell with other non-comfortable smells (i.e. animal smell) and can not discern it from the ‘animal’ Argan oil (which has a very strong animal smell by the way).

      Here is what I can tell you:

      – If you purchased culinary Argan oil, then it should have a nutty smell, as the roasting of the Argan kernels during processing brings up the nutty flavor that can’t be confused with anything else.
      – If you purchased cosmetic Argan oil, it should have a light natural nutty smell almost similar to that, one would expect from a raw nut.

      But as I said, many folks who experience cosmetic Argan oil for the first time, may confuse its smell with animals, even if it is not.

      That said, as much I’d have loved to help you further, but there is really not much I can do if I don’t test that oil myself.

  11. Good morning i just want to know why there are somany names fir Argan oil???like Huda agan oil,argan city.and argan virgin oil??

    1. Hi Eliz,

      Thank you for your question.

      Numerous sellers prefer to add their brand name so they can be remembered / distinguished.
      Please note that the variety of names isn’t important, as long as you get 100% pure, organic & genuine Argan oil.

      Regards 🙂

  12. Hi Bader,
    I’ve just pretty much read your entire website and thought I may have FINALLY found a reliable source to buy argan oil from (I’m desperate by now).
    However, I’m a bit confused: The website says if you buy 100ml or more then you get the clay to try for free as well. BUT In the table with all your offers, it says the 100ml don’t come with the clay, only the other offers do.
    Which information is actually correct??
    It does make me distrust the website again, thinking this is just another trick to make me buy more than I need (and really, isn’t it best to buy the oil as you need it, instead of piling up more because you’d get a better deal, but the oil slowly going off?)
    Not so sure anymore..

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Thank you for your comment and your interest in our products.

      Please excuse my honesty as I go on your points:

      If we were depending on “tricking” our clients to purchase what they don’t need with a gift as you suggested, we wouldn’t be in business for more than 18 years and we wouldn’t be the number one source of 100% pure, organic and fresh-pressed Argan oil online either 🙂

      We are in the middle of updating all of our pricing, offers etc…, and as it is a reasonably large website with a considerable amount of content, it is usual that it takes the necessary time before everything is up to date. This is why we started by updating the information on the important parts of the pages first (aka. pricing tables), as this is what applies. The rest will follow within the next business days.

      #Argan oil needs: You are correct, it is best to buy the oil as you need it. And therefore, I must assume that it is also pretty obvious to you that people have different uses for our Argan oil.

      Different uses mean different quantities and different needs. In other words, if you, for example’s sake, need only 100 ml of Argan oil per month, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone else must / will need only 100 ml per month.

      That being said, the 100g Rhassoul clay bag in question is only a free goodie for clients who purchase a larger quantity of Argan oil. That means it is not there to push anyone to buy more than what they need (since everybody knows what quantity they really want / need!), but rather a thank you freebie for clients who NEED larger Argan oil quantities.

      Noteworthy here, is that our clients appreciate our offers for the product quality and not for the goodies they get, although they are grateful for it, so we are sorry that you perceive it in a negative way!!

      One important thing at last, tricking a client would be completely against everything we stand for. So if you have the slightest doubt about our product or if anything makes you distrust our website etc.., please feel free to purchase your Argan oil somewhere you feel comfortable with.

      Thank you for taking time to read my reply, and I hope I did address your concerns.
      If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact us (Wir antworten auch gerne auf Deutsch, falls das angenehmer für Sie ist!).


  13. HI Bader,

    I am still confused about the quality between the cold-pressed by machine and hand-pressed to extract pure agran oil.

    As following your video about argan oil making procedure, it mentioned that water is blended into argan oil by hand-pressed way, So it means cold-pressed by machine is better. But I still have a question that whether the cold-pressed by machine with the stronger force will kill vitamin E and others of argan.

    On the other hand, i also need your help to clear about the “cloudy” segment inside argan oil. We still keep those ” cloud” inside argan oil by the cold-pressed machine way. And what is the truth about this “cloudy” thing?

    Hope will receive your response soon.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Anh,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Let me go on your points to avoid confusion:

      There is no part of the video mentioning that water is “blended” with oil. The procedure of adding water (not “blending”) during the processing has NO impact on the end-product quality, since water is used ONLY as a means to separate Argan oil from the dough! In other words, the assumption that “cold-pressed by machine is better” is not correct.

      What decreases Argan oil (both culinary and cosmetic) quality however, is direct heat!

      #Sediment: Please read the following article about the Argan oil purification process as it answers your question.

      Cheers 🙂

  14. Wow! I didn’t know Argan Oil should have specific smell. Good job on this article!

  15. Your Comment * you sell me pure argan oil as i need to use it for hairs nd skin nd from small quantity nd lowest price .plz give me proper information

  16. I recently purchased argan oil from essential depot…dont know if its the real thing ..bottle says 100% pure argan.. how can i tell if its real or fake..dont know anything about this company…

  17. Hi Amina. Thanks for your comments. The oil itself seems fairly light in colour and the label on the back says ‘For Beauty and care’. I never tasted the argan cooking oil while I was in Morocco so I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference unfortunately. But I did smell the cooking oil and this smells the same. I guess my only other question might be would there be any harm in using it on my face if it’s discovered it is cooking oil?

    1. Hi Vicky,

      There is no harm known to us when using culinary Argan oil for skin / face etc..
      Though the potency of the components is unarguably less as opposed to the cosmetic version, however, a lot of folks here in Morocco are using culinary Argan oil in the summer for sunbathing, due to the beautiful sun tan is yields 🙂

      I hope this answers your question. Should there be anything else I can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact us again 🙂


  18. Whoops, predictive text turned the word “oil” into pile”!

    1. Hi Vicki,

      == Edit: Ok – understood ==

      Thank you for your hint – Do you mind telling me where exactly you saw the word “pile”?
      I couldn’t find any on the post above.

      Cheers 🙂

  19. Hi, I recently returned from Morocco and purchased some oil for my face from Essaouira from a co-operative (they showed me their certification). I had the oil shipped home along with other purchases and was surprised that the pile smells exactly like the cooking oil (very nutty). The label on the bottle says: Argan****, Huile d’argan bio, Not Roasted and also has the USDA and EcoCert labels. I guess the smell is making me think I’m actually putting cooking oil on my face because articles I read say oil for the face should have a very light smell if any and this seems particularly strong to me. Do you think I’ve been duped?

    1. Hi vicky,

      Thank you for your comment and for stopping by.

      It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been duped. This kind of stuff can happen even at the most professional supplier out there. Besides, it would be impossible to judge if the product is genuine or not without seeing it.

      You are right, cosmetic Argan oil has a light natural nutty smell / taste, with a glden tinge, as opposed to the culinary version that has orange-ish tinge in addition to its relatively strong “foody” nutty smell / taste.

      Anyway, if you happen to have tasted culinary Argan oil during your journey here in Morocco, your best bet is to taste some drops and see.

      I hope this answers your questions – if there is anything else we can do for you, please feel free to contact us anytime 🙂

  20. I went along and researched all the argan oils out there since there is a trend” of face oils and Argan. I decided to go with the Arganfarm Argan Oil because its organic and its for the skin. When I first got the bottle I immediately likes the pump, and being able to control exactly how much I got out of the bottle. I used it before I went to bed at night The next morning, I woke up and found my face was plump healthy looking and the areas that had given me a problem the day before seemed to have calmed down immediately. Love this Argan Oil!

  21. Hello 🙂
    Do you ship argan oil to egypt or do you know if there is any way i can get argan oil here?


    1. Hi Shalaby,

      Yes, we do ship our products to Egypt.
      You can comfortably order the desired item via our online store and you pay only a one time shipping fee for up to 10 items from the desired category.


  22. Dear Bader,

    Thank you for this helpful article and I am glad I found it sooner.

    Could you please email me some details about acquiring this product in small quantities along with any vital advises on the export matters. I’ll be more than happy to ne of correspondence with you.



  23. Hi, I too am interested if pure argan oil needs to be stored in dark glass bottles. I read your reply to NC but am unable to open the link. Could you please repost the link?

    Thank you,

  24. Why are your products in clear bottles? Shouldn’t they be packaged in dark bottles to preserve the oil?

  25. Argan oil is way worth it – I use argan oil on hair & skin – I love this product it leaves my hair smooth, silky, and shiny! I couldn’t keep my hands out of my hair because it was so soft and it’s light or at least for my thick straight hair! I will definitely repurchase. I never do reviews on products but it’s so good that I had to tell someone!!

  26. Dear Bader,

    I love your article on argan oil. I came across it while looking for on site locations of argan production in the area.
    Can you suggest some organic farms to visit whike we are there next week?

    Thanks Daniela
    A reply by mail wood be good.

    1. Hi Daniela,

      Thank you for your comment and kind words.
      We’re glad you like the article 🙂

      As to your question, depending on where you’ll be staying, there are dozens of Argan oil cooperatives between Marrakech & Essaouira as well as between Essaouira & Agadir. 

      The best thing to do is to take an inter-city cab & visit some cooperatives to be able to decide which one fits your needs / criteria best 😉
      Please note that all (real) Argan oil cooperatives are organic certified, be it from the government and / or from foreign entities like Ecocert, USDA etc..

      All the best!


      P.S.: This answer will also be sent to you via email as you requested 😉

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  28. So do you sell the real argan 100% please advise as i need to buy for my hair. Thanks

  29. Do you know how many argan cooperatives there are in Morocco? Does each one operate independently from the other? Is there any government regulation?

    1. Author

      Hi Bev,

      Sorry for the late reply, your comment landed unfortunately in the spam filter.

      To your questions >

      ~ There are dozens of cooperatives concentrated in the Arganeraie.
      ~ Yes, the majority of the cooperatives are operating independently from the Argan oil companies.
      ~ The Argan oil cooperatives are sponsored by the government. However, both the cooperatives and the companies need a governmental approval which is acquired through product testings while the oil is prepared for the export. This is the most important document to set the goods free for the export.

      I hope this answers your questions.


  30. Dear bader.
    Pls suggest how do i source the oil from the cooperatives.

    1. Author

      Hi Gayathri,

      Sorry for the late reply, your comment landed somehow in the spam section!

      To your question: I’m not sure how far you are with locating the desired cooperative(s).
      There are numerous cooperatives spread around the Argan area and if you’re intending to source big quantities of Argan oil, your best option would be visiting some of them. Please note that the bigger the Argan oil quantity needed, the more cooperatives you’ll need to work with. If you’ll be buying small quantities however, it’s usual to order via the chosen cooperative’s website.

      Please provide more information on how much Argan oil you’ll need so I can advise you better 🙂


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