Argan Oil Dry and Oily Scalp Treatment

Argan Oil Dry Scalp Treatment 

If you have a dry, flaky or oily scalp, you might need an effective oily or dry scalp treatment.

This can be as easy as taking time to make some tweaks to your hair-care routine. There are many helpful tips you can apply to solve the problem.

The best bet is yet if you have access to pure Argan oil.

So let's go through a small variety of changes you can make to your hair-care habit and with considerable results!

Apart from keeping skin, scalp, and hair clean If you're dealing with any one of the scalp symptoms I've mentioned earlier, you can fortunately use numerous tips that help manage scalp problems.

For managing oily scalp

Most people suffering oily scalp (and oily skin in general) think they can control this issue by simply drying the scalp skin out.

This approach is unfortunately a bad move.

Let me explain,

Dry out your skin and you will inevitably get your body and thus your skin to produce more oil and sebum in an attempt to over-compensate the dried one.

This only results in more and irregular breakouts. You certainly don't want this!

One of the best methods for handling the oily scalp issue (as for a dry scalp treatment) is a gentle scalp Argan oil massage -even if it's with a brush only!

How can an oil help an oily scalp? you may ask.

Well, it´s more about a kind of “fight fire with fire” approach.

The Argan oil scalp massage method has many benefits as it:

  • Stimulates the blood circulation to the scalp
  • Regulates the sebum production
  • Redistributes the oil evenly enabling it to seep into hair shafts, where it is meant to go naturally.

Another simple trick you can use if you're dealing with an oily scalp is switching from warm to cool water after rinsing your hair from shampoo:

thanks to the cold water, the scalp pores are closed faster slowing down the usual oil production. To get the desired results, you can either:

  • Apply pure Argan oil directly to your hair and massage it into your scalp. Wrap it in a towel and leave it on for about a half to one hour depending on your needs: the longer the better. Then shampoo and rinse the oil out with warm water.
  • Use a cotton puff (or cotton ball) or pad and dab the affected areas in your scalp with the oil especially in case of strong scalp acne outbreaks.

For an efficient dry scalp treatment

Follow these steps for re-hydrating your scalp easily and quickly:

  • Wrap your head in a warm moist towel and leave it on for about a half to one hour depending on your needs: the longer the better. Then shampoo and rinse the oil out with warm water.
  • Use green lotions and moisturizers for your dry scalp treatment
  • Massage your scalp regularly to stimulate blood circulation
  • Always make sure you give your head a good rinse after shampooing

If you turn those simple steps into an ongoing dry scalp treatment, they can go a long way toward restoring and maintaining moisture to your scalp.

For both: oily and dry scalp treatment, to enhance the effect sought, you want to do this before bed, to allow the Argan oil enough time to seep in your scalp before washing your hair in the morning.

This will not only moisturize your scalp keeping it healthy and flake-free, but it will also help attain a natural skin oil production.

To help prevent acne outbreaks or oil over-compensation (in case of oily scalp), or keep flakes away while moisturizing your skin (in case of dry scalp), use Argan oil a few times a week and you´ll notice over time how your skin doesn't over-compensate by producing much oil.
Applying Argan oil to your skin


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