Amlou: All-Natural and Organic from Arganfarm

Sweet, Nutritious & Delicious.

One of our most popular products is the all-natural Hand-Made Amlou with wholesome almonds, pure bee honey & premium quality Argan oil.

Only 3 Ingredients:
- 100% Pure culinary Argan oil
- 100 % Pure honey
- Organic almonds.

(May not be recommended for people with nuts allergies!)

Our All-Natural Amlou options

Arganfarm Amlou is hand-made out of 100% Pure organic ingredients & is prepared upon order.

In other words:
This is the Amlou you'd prepare for yourself, if you had the time.




$ 90

  • 1 Kg Jar
  • You save $ 10

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$ 160

  • 2 Jars of 1 Kg each
  • $ 80 per jar
  • You save $ 20

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$ 200

  • 3 Jars of 1 Kg each
  • $ ~66 per jar
  • You save $ 50

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Each & every bottle of Amlou we ship, is prepared upon order like all our Argan oil products, so you get your Amlou fresh-prepared with its full shelf-life!

In other words, it can’t get any fresher than this, apart from if you come around and pick it up yourself, to additionally save the shipping duration!

And due to the reasonably high & ongoing demand on our Almou, the next possible oil-pressing dates for the actual orders are between June 21st and July 31st, 2023.
That being said, we’re trying our best to deliver your fresh-prepared Amlou as quickly as possible.


Here is how it works

We know that like everybody else, you have to take a fair number of risks in your life.
So we thought we’d remove one from the equation by making our offer risk-free!

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