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Cosmetic Argan Oil

..when it comes to your body, there isn't much it can't do!
No risky injections - No expensive & painful surgery

  • 100% Pure, fresh-pressed & organic-certified
  • Extremely rich in proteins & antioxidants
  • Deeply conditions, revitalizes & softens Hair
  • Soothes & hydrate even the driest skin
  • Evens skin tone, corrects dark spots
  • Smooths & reduces wrinkles / crow's feet
  • Hydrates, purifies, refreshes & protects the skin
  • & much more...

“Preserve Your Health & Youth With Surprisingly Little Cost & Effort!”

100% Pure, organic & fresh-pressed Arganfarm Argan oil acts like an 'age-trimming' solution naturally designed to help you fight the signs of aging, fatigue, stress even whilst you sleep, and make you feel & look years younger... in as little as a few weeks...if not a few days!

Widely tolerated, no age restrictions & no undesirable side effects
Easy to apply & non-comedogenic so it doesn't clog skin pores
Non-oily, non-greasy, quick & easily absorbable: with no residue
Refines & firms skin texture, improves its quality & defines contours
Illuminates & evens complexion - Protects even against UV
protects against future ones

100% Pure, natural & fresh-pressed
Highest-grade quality with 24 mo. shelf-life
Directly from Ecocert & USDA-certified cooperatives
Fair-Trade & Fair-Waged (you support a worthy cause)
Cruelty-free (neither derived from, nor tested on animals)
No chemicals or any other substances.

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Culinary Argan Oil

“Eat your way to a healthy & youthful body now."

  • 100% Pure, fresh-pressed & organic-certified
  • Extremely rich in proteins & antioxidants
  • Helps prevent and cure cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory disorders & heart risk factors
  • Decreases the high levels of cholesterol
  • Improves and stimulates blood circulation & lowers the high blood pressure
  • Slows down the degenerative processes going on in long bones of the body
  • Facilitates natural digestion and reduces the risk of obesity
  • Has valuable cancer chemo-preventive, anti-proliferative as well as anti-inflammatory effects thanks to its content in gamma-tocopherol (one of the compounds of the vitamin E)
  • & much more...

100% pure & organic culinary Argan oil is the most
powerful natural oil out there that can also help you
eat your way to a beautiful healthy body, now.


All-Natural Amlou

“Sweet, nutritious & delicious."

  • 100% Pure & organic ingredients
  • Fresh-pressed upon order

One of our most popular products is the all-natural Amlou with wholesome raw almonds, pure bee honey & premium quality Argan oil. “It’s sooo yummy & very healthy!”

Buy All-Natural Amlou

Arganfarm Argan oil certified quality

Guaranteed Authenticity


All your Arganfarm orders come fresh-pressed directly from fair-trade, organic-certified, traditional & women-run Argan oil cooperatives.

USDA Organic Seal
ecocert l
non gmo
MA BIO 154

Want to check one of these packages out right now, without risk?

We know that like everybody else, you have to take a fair number of risks in your life. So we thought we’d remove one from the equation by making our offer risk-free!

Besides, in today's flood of Argan oil online "experts", we know how hard, how long it can take & how expensive it can get to find a reliable source to buy 100% pure & genuine Argan oil with no help.


    You Are Covered By Our Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee! No questions asked, no hassle, no delay & no strings attached. period.

  • 90 days for cosmetic Argan oil & 30 days for culinary Argan oil & Amlou. Once you receive your order, give it your own personal "test run" to decide if (a) it's the real thing after all, and (b) that it really will help you with your needs. If you aren't convinced with the results, for any reason (or for no reason at all), we insist that you return the parcel, and we'll rush you a complete refund of every penny of your purchase price.

What our clients say about our products:

"It is the one true all-natural magic you just have to witness for yourself in this world! Nothing compares!"Erin May Bulfango / Alkhobar, SA
"My entire family enjoys it. Thanks so much for the purity of the product. I trust Arganfarm & feel great about the quality." Joan Padley / San Francisco, CA, USA
"I have ordered a few oils from different companies and this one is by far the best in price and purest quality I have found." Nash / USA

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The product you'll get is:

  • Fair-Trade / Fair-Waged
  • 100% Pure & 100% Organic
  • Fresh-pressed with its full shelf-life
  • Directly from its source here in Morocco
  • NOT diluted, NOT deodorized
  • Neither from Animals, nor tested on them

This is the right product for you if you:

  • Are a health-conscious person who is serious about your health, beauty & want to take care of your health naturally / sustainably.
  • Want to get your hands on the highest Argan oil quality, that is 100% pure, organic, Fair-Trade & fresh-pressed.
  • Understand the value of this scarce natural & handmade product that takes a lot of cumbersome work and that has hence its justifiable price.
  • You believe in our worthy cause & want to support the hard-working women here in the Fair-Trade Argan oil cooperatives.

This is NOT the right product for you if you:

  • Have allergies against natural products (i.e. nuts)
  • Are looking for an instant delivery. (Hint: this is an international one!)
  • Seriously believe the fallacy claiming that Argan oil should be filled in dark bottles just because you read it somewhere. (Hint: there is no concrete proof!)
  • Searching for cheap Argan oil, simply neglect the fact that there are different Argan oil qualities for different prices, and think our product is expensive because you compare it to lower quality Argan oils out there.

(We love you guys, but this Argan oil quality is just not what you are looking for)



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Argan oil in numbers

1 Argan Tree Yields
0 kg
Of Fruits / Year

It Takes
0 kg
Of Argan Fruits

To Gain
0 kg
Of Argan Kernels

0 h
Of Hard Labor

... to yield 1 liter of this precious God-sent cosmetic gift!

... and add to that


to roast the 2 Kg needed for 1 Liter of culinary Argan Oil,

... And Around

... to grind & process it into 1 Liter of a powerful natural health Elixir!