The Greatest Good To The Greatest Number
— F. C. Haanel

If I was to describe the sales ethic of Arganfarm in one sentence, the quote above would fit best.

But let us drill a little deeper in here as it is of no harm.

First things first;

To stay faithful to our high standards and objectives in Arganfarm, the products we´re offering to our customers throughout the world on this website are 100% natural.

But as of this word´s abuse and misconception nowadays, we understand new comers to Arganfarm to be a little unsure.

Therefore we see ourselves compelled to a small definition as we want to make sure to wipe any misunderstanding out of the way.

To me and to anyone in my small Arganfarm team, the word natural means simply:

  • 100% organic,
  • 100% pure,
  • 100% essence
  • Unscented
  • Preservative-free

In other words, unlike many other alleged Argan oil products out there, those we offer at Arganfarm are neither diluted nor blended with other fragrances, oils or any substances or toxins.

Needless to say that all our products are natural, vegan, produced cruelty-free (neither derived from, nor tested on animals) and processed in a nature-friendly manner.

To cut a long story short, we truly believe -like all natives here – that Argan oil is best and effectively used out of the “box” (read: natural without any additives whatsoever).

This is the only this way the user can safely ensure the maximum potential benefit.

Therefore, we guarantee at the Arganfarm that what you see is what you get: only high quality pure and organic Argan oil and products.

Please note, the oil we´re offering here is the very same oil which was used for centuries and is still being used here in the region for multiple purposes.

In the frame of Ethical Sourcing and Fair Trade, it is also noteworthy that by opting for Arganfarm products you are not only securing high quality organic products for yourself and enriching your health and beauty, but you´re simultaneously taking an ethical approach and supporting a worthy cause: you´re enhancing the standard of living of the community members and local producers.

What you can expect from me

As a native Swiri, I`m able to directly source the products available on Arganfarm, through my personal connection to numerous female cooperatives in my region, for a fair trade pricing.

This way, I make sure to provide the finest quality of the authentic pure Argan oil at a very affordable and fair price directly to Arganfarm customers all over the world.

The Argan oil we´re offering Arganfarm customers is a fair trade product that is environmentally sustainable.

It is harvested and produced entirely by the native women working in the cooperatives taking advantage of their ancestral know-how.

Argan oil packaging policy


  1. Hi. I’d like to learn if you have delivered to Turkey before. Sometimes it might be a problem to get some products from abroad so would you please inform me on this issue.

    1. Hi Onder,

      Thank you for your comment and please excuse the late reply, as your comment landed in the Junk folder!!

      To your inquiry, please note that we’re shipping our products to Turkey (among 200 countries), and we never heard from any of our clients there that they had any issues with the delivery.


  2. How long should an order take to receive? what is the estimated wait time for emails concerning invoices?

  3. I have left two emails concerning my order without any response. I was hoping to have good communication with this company. I would still like a response to previous emails, I have not received my order of 3/15 or questions answered concerning my invoice. Please help with this dilemma and email me.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thanks for writing in.

      Though we receive a reasonable amount of emails / inquiries each single day, we do reply to all of them within 72 hours. So I am afraid we didn’t receive any messages from you (apart from the comments you just posted), not even in the Spam filters, otherwise, we would have responded. Are you sure you have sent us a message via our contact page?

      I understand your frustration, however please note that he fact that we didn’t respond because we didn’t receive your messages, has nothing to do with out communication quality.

      That said, please make sure to re-send your inquiry (you said you already sent about the invoice), again (via our contact page – please see link above.) and you can rest assured you will receive a response if we receive your message.

      If not, you can also simply reply to this comment and post your inquiry here and I will make sure to assist you further.

      As to your parcel, it was shipped on March 23rd and has already reached the USA.

      Furthermore, as you can see from your proper tracking link, USPS has already tried to deliver your parcel on April 2nd, but as it seems you were not reachable.

      The tracking page states the following:

      “Notice Left

      We attempted to deliver your item at 9:30 am on April 2, 2016 in HARPERS FERRY, WV 25425 and a notice was left.

      You may arrange redelivery by visiting”

      This is why, I would highly recommend that you reach out to your local USPS and pick-up your parcel (DHL shipping ID: RM405722947DE) asap.
      Alternatively, you can also give USPS a call to arrange a delivery appointment, in case you can not be home at the time of delivery.

      Kind regards,

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