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Simply put, we love everything about Argan oil, starting with the hard-working women in the traditional, women-run argan oil cooperatives.

Arganfarm is a thriving Argan oil producing and supplying business, building on over 25 years of experience and commitment to deliver highest-quality, 100% pure, organic & bespoke Argan oil products.

We specialize in producing and supplying Argan oil for both our retail as well as wholesale clients all over the globe. Furthermore, Arganfarm is also serving the hospitality industry (restaurants, hotels & Beauty Spas), alongside clients’ specific products for the health care industry including dermatologists and other markets.

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A brief history

Bader Eddine (CEO & founder) set up business in the late 1990s supplying local spas, small hotels and beauty shops with highest grade Argan oil & products. This led to opening a humble branch in Europe (Germany) then supplying Argan oil wholesale-clients to manufacture their own products.

In 2004 the business focused on the large scale supply of Argan oil worldwide.

The business grew through the 2000’s providing Argan oil for a large spectrum of clients from the smallest retail buyers to startups & larger companies, always supporting & enabling the skilled and hard-working women in our cooperatives’ network, who are not only the source of your products, but also the link between us and our ancestors, and consequently the primary source of our Argan oil knowledge.


We have a team of over 20 Argan oil connoisseurs, in addition to a considerable team of hard-working women who are the very pillar of our business here in Morocco. The company counts over 750 loyal & valuable wholesale clients and over 900 000 online retail clients since the launch of our web presence in 2013, thanks to a healthy balance & flexible capacity for high volume orders as well as small batch production.

As our business has grown and our clients' base diversified over the years, we have evolved flexible capabilities in product development (tailored to our clients’ needs).
All our work is mould by an in-depth understanding of production processes and a thorough knowledge of the strengths, versatility and diverse aesthetics of our core material – 100% pure & organic fresh-pressed Argan oil, and the results are clearly presented in our product quality.

Our Obsession

At a first glance, all Argan oil-making looks the same to a new-comer: Argan fruits are harvested and cracked-open, roasted (Culinary Argan oil) and ground, bottled then sold. Large-scale Argan oil manufacturers have automized this process for mass production. The unfortunate outcome: flat, medium-quality Argan oil - the taste (culinary Argan oil) & potency (cosmetic Argan oil) has been engineered out of the end-product!

We salute the few, traditional Argan oil makers that are taking time and care with each part of the Argan oil pressing process, releasing the full potential of the kernels; those who are supporting Fair-Trade farming and production, the ones who ensure the hard-working women in the traditional Argan oil cooperatives are paid a fair wage through an ethical and sustainable supply chain, and those who skillfully grind, roast, and bottle without diluting the Argan oil’s essence.

We at Arganfarm are in relentless pursuit of discovering the absolute depths of Argan oil as a natural product, knowing full well it’s an ongoing process, and consequently, we can all enjoy a product of the highest quality you can find.

From Argan kernel to Argan oil

... means that we perform every part of the process in-house, from hand-sorting the harvested Argan fruits when they arrive at one of the cooperatives, to bottling the finished Argan oil.

Why is that important?

Apart from the fact that each task we perform in-house provides an additional earning opportunity for the hard-working women here (as opposed to paying an external third party!), We do believe it gives us the unique chance to have control at every point in the process of pressing our Argan oil. With that control comes great responsibility, which we take to heart. In our obsession with highest quality, we seek integrity in our products by carefully considering how each step in our processing is done and how it will affect the end-product.

Furthermore, we are strong believers that producing something by hand, with attention, is a greater act than the sum of its parts. The culmination of these elements, we believe, comes out in the experience of enjoying our highest quality Argan oil. We think you'll agree.

The sourcing / Origin

Arganfarm sarl. au. is located in heart of the Arganeraie (the Argan trees area in south-west Morocco - North Africa).
We cultivate only the finest fruits then clean, crack-open, grind, press, and package our single-origin Argan fruits by hand. This Modus-Operandi yields out the highest quality of Argan oil that honors its origins & the hard-working women here in the cooperatives, who are the main pillar of our business.

Furthermore, this process enables us to experience first-hand about what happens on the ground and interact with our farmers in the producing area, and hence hand-pick only the best quality raw materials one can find. Additionally, we pay high quality-based premiums that are on the order of 2-3 times the minimums required by Fair Trade organizations. By doing this we hope to foster a more sustainable future for Argan oil, the farmers who produce it and hence help preserve this God-sent natural gift for future generations. We are constantly working to bring the finest Argan oil in the world in order to share it with you & we're proud to be part of the Fair-Trade Argan oil movement.

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Arganfarm founder & CEO

The day a foreign friend of mine complained to me that he was had buying Argan oil online somewhere in Europe, I had some thoughts about how could this happen although he bought the oil from a "certified" Argan oil online seller!

But shortly after, I was again asked whether I could send some pure Argan oil to France, as the risk of getting scammed online was a concrete concern of many of my friends.

This triggered me since to make a serious online research as to why this practice became the rule instead of being the exception and I've invested considerable time and effort to investigate the subject and find out what they say about it.

About-ArganfarmHere is what I was searching for

  • a reliable online source of information about Argan
  • a reliable source of Argan oil in Europe
  • a source that has a fair price and shipping fees

What I discovered in this process?

There's a sea of information (and misinformation) out there which can be wrapped under 3 points:

  • Academic
  • Commercial
  • Plain, often poorly and confusing written.

produced by different kinds of people made up of three segments:

  1. The few who know everything
  2. The handful who know next to nothing (and what they know is merely from hear-say)
  3. And the majority who know just enough to be dangerous (by far the largest group)

What started out as a simple research, turned out to be somewhat of a disheartening dead end!

And then I had the idea to do it myself! The online version of Arganfarm was born.

About Arganfarm

Arganfarm.com is a website aiming to:

1. Support a worthy cause: to help re-establish the direct link between the women oil-cooperatives and the end customers (possibly you!).

This improves:

  • Your experience as a customer: by enabling you to tap the great health potential of pure and organic Argan oil. This way you can benefit from that which corresponds to your needs through the best product, hence a great value for your money and your health
  • The benefits of the women through fair wages for their hard labor and thus their continuity as well as the chance to take part in basic education programs fighting illiteracy
  • The preservation and protection of the extremely fast vanishing Argan forests through raising the locals awareness about the importance of the Argan tree and the issues resulting from its deforestation.

2. Righten many distortions and fallacies about the Argan oil which are unfortunately the logical symptoms of the unhealthy standards set up by a profit-hungry industry, which is silently threatening one of Morocco's rarest resources and the whole socioeconomic class living from it!

P.S. If you want to read more about what sets Arganfarm apart, Our Standards and Ethic Page may be just what you’re looking for.