The Argan Oil Purification Process

Unlike in the chemical Argan oil extraction process, the organic Argan oil yielded from the traditional and the mechanical methods undergoes further purification.

After the Argan oil rested for the necessary time to allow the sediment and Argan fruit remains to settle, the purification process is initiated.

More often than not, many filtrations are required to reach the desired Argan oil purity and clarity.

The oil is then anew decanted into new containers to reduce the sediment’s volume.

Yet the final pure product might still contain a minimal amount of the sediment.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, this is by no means a sign of bad Argan oil quality but is a kind of a natural organic quality and authenticity “certification“.

As a rule, this shows that the oil is neither corrupt nor cut-off.

Therefore, it is recommended to leave the sediment at the bottom.

Finally the Argan oil is filled into small jars.

Argan oil history

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