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Arganfarm wholesale policies

By placing an Argan oil wholesale order, you are stating that you understand & adhere to all policies set forth by Arganfarm sarl. au.


Why Choose Arganfarm?

Quality over quantity

Apart from being located in the biggest Argan region in Morocco: the source of Argan oil, and which enables us to supply only 100% pure & organic Argan oil to our clients, Arganfarm started out several years ago as a simple Argan oil business that made one huge promise: to constantly support & empower the local hard-working women in the Argan oil cooperatives while, at the same time, evolving according to the markets’ needs.

Now, in the actual off and online markets, Arganfarm has become one of the premium addresses when it comes to 100% pure, organic & genuine Argan oil products.

In other words, our products come directly from a carefully-chosen network of organic certified Argan oil cooperatives. This is why the Argan oil we’re offering is 100% pure, organic, comes only out of hand-picked Argan fruits & is of a constant high quality.

It is hence:

  • Natural-Pressed (aka. cold-pressed)
  • 100% Pure
  • 100% Organic
  • NOT diluted
  • NOT deodorized
  • NOT blended, neither with water nor with any other substances
  • Neither from Animals (i.e. goats) nor tested on them

On top of that, we pride ourselves to provide a product that is fresh-pressed upon order. This way we enable our clients to get hold of a product that comes directly off the grinder with its full potential as well as its full shelf-life.

Please understand that we deliver only Highest grade / premium Argan oil quality, and note that we can’t offer any lower / cheaper qualities even if the clients wishes so! Our continued commitment to constantly evolve the service ensure this will also remain the case.

Our ethical approach makes us absolutely confident that we’ll continuously and constantly deliver the exact premium quality to our considerably large clients’ list, that we’d expect for ourselves.

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Minimum order quantity & Approval

All Arganfarm wholesale orders are subject to approval by one of Arganfarm’s sales staff first, before proceeding.

Please note that any payments processed for a wholesale order that wasn’t approved by Arganfarm first, will be automatically declined, and in this case, the refund resulting credit card processing fees (9%) on the original payment will not be returned.

Argan oil (Cosmetic & culinary):
Our minimum order quantity for wholesale Argan oil (both cosmetic and culinary), is 5 liters.
Here are our wholesale pricing categories:

  • 5 – 24 liters
  • 25 – 49 liters
  • 50 – 99 liters
  • 100 – 499 liters
  • 500 – 999 liters
  • 1000+ liters

Furthermore, you are able to source your Argan oil from Arganfarm with the following options, depending on your order size:

  • PET containers of 5, 10 and 50 liters
  • Stainless steel containers of 50 and 100 liters
  • PET container of 950 liters

Note: All our culinary products come in foods and beverages’ approved packaging.

Bottling + Labeling:
We do not offer bottling services at this point of time.
Please note that in today’s market / product diversity, there are numerous budget-friendly options that are very interesting for start-ups, and that are far cheaper than opting for a bottling service.

This does not only offer you flexibility, but it will also save you heaps of money along the way (i.e. the additional shipping weight etc). Tips & tricks on this included in each first order free Skype consultation!


  • 15 – 29 Kg
  • 30 – 69 Kg
  • 70 – 99 Kg

Argan fruits, nuts and / or kernels:
The minimum order is 25 Kg each.

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Order fulfillment

How it works:

Argan oil / Amlou:
After your order has been approved and you place your order, we generate your personalized & secure payment link. Immediately after your payment is processed, the pressing date (oil) / preparation date (Amlou) of your order is assigned according to the actual orders’ queue & you’ll be notified about the scheduled date.

Once the oil is pressed, and the sediment settled down / or your Amlou is prepared, it is forwarded to the customs so they can perform tests on a sample to confirm the origin & the purity of the product before setting it up free for export (oil).

Please note that every delivery is pressed (oil) / or prepared (Amlou) upon order. Consequently, fulfillment can take up to 6-8 weeks depending the pressing time / preparation time of the needed / ordered quantity as well as the actual orders’ queue. Therefore all wholesale clients are asked to plan accordingly. (You also have the possibility to inquire about the actual pressing dates before placing your order)

Furthermore, you will be updated with the necessary tracking information on a timely manner as soon as your order is shipped, so you can have an estimate delivery time (in case you have clients commitments etc..)

Argan fruits:
Depending on the season and the availability on the market, fulfillment can take up to 8 weeks. Usually, you should receive your order within 3-4 weeks unless expedited shipping is selected.

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Changes & cancelations

For Argan oil & Amlou orders: due to our Modus Operandi (all our Argan oil & Amlou is pressed / prepared upon order) and our efficient fulfillment, we cannot offer any return option after the order has been placed.

If you want to change the ordered quantity (increasing only), you may contact us as soon as possible (within max. 24 hours!) to see if your order has already started to be processed. In the event that it has not, we will be more than happy to help you & make changes to it within 24 hours. After that, we cannot guarantee that your order can be altered.

Please note, again, that all Argan oil & Amlou orders are pressed / prepared upon order. For this reason, those orders can not be canceled.

For Argan fruit orders: if you decide to change your order, you will have 24 hours after the purchase date to do so. Depending on your chosen payment method, payment charges are not refundable.

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Shipping & Handling


Argan oil:
All our wholesale Argan oil is delivered to you in PET containers starting up from 5 liters and increasing in volume (10, 25 liters etc..) depending on the ordered quantity.

Larger amounts come in either PET containers as well or in stainless steel sealed barels.

Depending on clients’ request, our Amlou comes either in glass or in PET jars.

Argan Fruits:
All Argan fruits, nuts and / or kernels come packed in plastic bags.

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Non-palletized items

Small orders can be delivered with DHL, UPS or Fedex depending on client’s request.

Non-palletized are packed in securely-sealed (with tape) cartons, and with proper amounts of cushioning material, styrofoam sheets and / or multiple layers of folded newspaper within,depending on the shipment contents, to protect product from internal vibration & to withstand stacking

Ensure to share your actual telephone numbers & complete correct address information including postal code with us while ordering, so we can label each piece properly.

The shipping charges quoted in your order are based on the total weight of the products chosen. If you wish to split your order into different parcels, additional shipping fees may apply.

All orders will have Delivery Confirmation added, include tracking IDs and will require mandatory insurance based on the wholesale value of the order. Insurance is required on all international orders (when available). If your particular country does not enable the purchase of insurance on your package, Arganfarm will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.

If you would like expedited shipping, please notify us when you place your order. Our orders are fulfilled on an automated system and therefore we are unable to edit them once they have been placed, so please make sure to review / decide on your shipping selection before placing your order.

Arganfarm reserves the right to refuse any order felt to be fraudulent.

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Palletized items

Pallets are portable rigid platforms used to consolidate shipments & allow for ease of freight movement.

Large orders are delivered on pallets:
Freight shipments can include combinations of palletized items, boxes that are too large to ship using DHL, UPS or Fedex services, or multiple non-palletized pieces. We proceed freight shipments of any weight. However, minimum weight charges apply. The maximum weight of a pallet may vary by destination.

Determining if freight should be palletized:
Palletizing freight helps multi-piece shipments remain together & provides increased protection from damage. Each pallet, including its contents, is considered one piece.

Loose items, such as boxes or containers that have not been secured to a pallet, are considered non-palletized freight. Each loose item is considered one piece. Please note that minimum billable charges can affect the way your shipment is billed.

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Damaged / Lost items

If your merchandise is damaged upon arrival, it is of utmost importance to:

  • Immediately notify the delivery company;
  • Save all contents and packing materials as a proof;
  • And contact us within 3 business days after its arrival & include photographs of the damage.

Shipments that arrive in damaged condition will be replaced only after the damaged merchandise has been plentifully photographed / documented & reported to Arganfarm within maximum 7 days of receipt for inspection.

Shipments that have been determined to be lost, after thoroughly researching the package through Delivery Confirmation tracking, will be replaced. For both circumstances, a monetary refund will not be given.

If your merchandise is incorrect, you have max. 7 days after receipt to claim it.

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Wholesale returns

For Argan oil & Amlou orders, all our Argan oil & Amlou is pressed / prepared upon order. And as it is a natural product, we cannot offer any return option after the order has been placed, processed and / or dispatched, as it won’t be possible to re-sell it after return.

For Argan fruit orders, if you decide to return your fruits’ order, simply return the merchandise with the original invoice and a note stating your reason for return and we’ll gladly refund your purchase price. Please note that the returned merchandise has to reach us within max. 40 days after you received it. Shipping & handling charges are not refundable, and a 15% re-stocking fee will be deducted from the re-fund.

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Product Samples

Products samples

Considering the high amount of sample inquiries we receive each month, it is unfortunately not cost-efficient for us to provide free samples anymore. However, please feel free to purchase as many sample/s as you need for your testings via our Argan oil online store.

If you are a reseller / retailer of one of the Arganfarm registred labels, providing tester products to the public is at your discretion. It is also your responsibility to maintain a clean environment and replace tester products as needed. Failure to maintain a clean display & products can result in termination of the your wholesale account / spot.

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For wholesale clients

Arganfarm wholesale clients are free to sell their Argan oil & products at any price they see fit.

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All payments

– Orders must be paid in full & upfront in $ (U.S.D) or in € (Euro);
– You can process you payment using any major credit card, and Crypto currencies
(Paypal payments are not accepted at the moment);
– Credit Card charges will appear on your statement as Arganfarm;
Any fees associated with the money transfer must be covered in the amount sent.

If you are an international client and need to speak with us about other options, please contact us.

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  • The sale or distribution of Arganfarm labeled products to a third party or to an end consumer is strictly prohibited unless specifically approved in writing by Arganfarm;
  • Arganfarm is a registered Trademark. Using the Arganfarm logo (in total or partially), photographs and / or content in any form is strictly prohibited unless specifically approved in writing by Arganfarm;
  • Arganfarm reserves the right to cancel or limit the business relationship with clients who commit any copyright infringement of its trademark & reserves the right to issue all necessary legal steps, including filing a suit that may result in both civil and criminal penalties.

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Privacy policy

We hate spam as much as you do, and will never share your information with anyone. It is for our eyes only.

Subscription to our newsletter is not automatic and must be registered for by you. The only automatic subscription is for our wholesale clients and resellers who will be added to a specific list to be notified of any important changes in policies, line sheets updates, and things of similar important nature that directly effect your orders, pricing etc…

Sensitive information entered online is encrypted and transmitted using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). Our site carries a Premium SSL Secure Site seal and we take every opportunity to add additional security features.

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