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We're focused, on you.

For clients interested in our wholesale Argan oil, Arganfarm is a supplier to trust & dedicated to providing only a highest grade product.

Choose Arganfarm wholesale Argan oil and your customers will enjoy the quality and reliability they demand, while you keep your investment costs under control and your ROI at a comfortable level.

To help you stay on top of things, you’ll have a team of highly skilled Arganfarm Argan oil wholesale staff, at your disposition.

Arganfarm is located in the biggest Argan region in Morocco and hence sitting in the source of Argan oil. In other words, our Argan oil wholesale products come directly from a carefully chosen network of organic certified & fair-trade, women-run Argan oil cooperatives.

This is why the Argan oil we’re offering is 100% pure, organic, and comes only out of hand-picked Argan fruits. It is:

    • 100% Pure
    • 100% Organic
    • NOT diluted
    • NOT deodorized
    • NOT blended, neither with water nor with any other substances
    • Neither from Animals (i.e. goats) nor tested on them

Wholesale argan oil

However, we chose to offer only limited spots per wholesale pricing category and we are therefore very picky about who we work with when it comes to Argan oil wholesale.

We’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

Limited Spots Available

Please note that we offer only fresh-pressed, premium quality Argan oil that comes directly from organic certified Argan oil cooperatives. If you are seeking the "cheap-$30-per-liter-argan-oil", don't waste your time: our product is not for you. We appreciate every ethical business size & opportunity, however, we would never endorse this kind of unethical / fraudulent scheming and offers.  If you're, on the other hand, serious towards your clients and would like to offer them 100% genuine, pure and organic Argan oil extracted out of hand-picked Argan fruits, you're more than welcome: Please fill in and the form below & we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Sure we do supply big wholesale Argan oil clients,
but we also love startups & small businesses,
even those with small budgets.

Our clients' chart

Large companies (wholesale argan oil)

Startups (wholesale argan oil)

Retail (end user)

One thing is sure: Many of today's Argan oil suppliers favor only larger clients — the Ikea’s and BMW’s of the world if you will — Unfortunately, making it much harder for smaller businesses to get into the Argan oil business. A long checklist of requirements had resulted and many small businesses with startup budgets could not meet these requirements. Here at Arganfarm, we believe that startups are not sufficiently appreciated in the Argan oil industry, and the conditions to help Argan oil entrepreneurs in their start-up phases is unsatisfactory. Too few are therefore considering taking the plunge and consider taking Argan oil new comers by the hand to help them grow their businesses. What is needed is an awareness change and better conditions, so that we all together can go in the best direction. So when we say that we love startups, we really do mean it. We love to work with businesses in their infancy, with the same excitement kids love seeing a seed they planted grow everyday. We love the excitement, the joy of seeing your business grow along the way, and we're always thrilled by the anticipation as well as the endless possibilities of helping ‘startups’ grow. And while we're very grateful to count some of the big boys (companies) on the field among our long-time valuable clients, we also chose to supply a considerably large list of startups and small businesses alike. This is so, simply because we know how hard it is, not only to find a reliable supplier while, at the same time, fighting to take your business off the ground, but also to find a reliable supplier whose wholesale entry bar is low enough to enable you have a smooth and easy start in your Argan oil entrepreneurial journey.

That is why we tailor flexible wholesale Argan oil packages that specifically fit your needs, to keep it simple for you.

Once you fill in your wholesale application and tell us what you need, one of our support agents will assist you to create a package tailored to your needs. This process allows us to give you precise advice and tips that will enable you:

  • Avoid fatal pitfalls
  • Grow a long-term, loyal clientele
  • Build a solid foundation for your business

Your growth is our passion & your clients deserve the best! So... let's get started

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By placing an Argan oil wholesale order, you are stating that you understand & adhere to all policies set forth by Arganfarm sarl. au.

Here's a map of clients who continuously
place their trust in our products:

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