Our Argan Oil Packaging Policy

Our Argan oil packaging and packing approach is very simple.
Faithful to our credo “The greatest good to the greatest number” we steadily strive to:

  • use renewable and recyclable materials to package all of our products. Ultimately, this means that you don’t pay any extra bucks for redundant and expensive throwaway bells and whistles
  • make our Argan oil products as safe as possible for our customers healthwise. While using resources wisely and keeping unnecessary costs out of our choices when designing our products
  • keep waste to an absolute minimum where possible
  • minimize any negative impact on the environment

Please note that – unlike some other products on the market – we insist on totally refraining from the use of any chemicals or substances that can be of any harm to either human, animal or environment health.

At the Arganfarm, we believe that taking the people and environment aspects into our consideration is a key factor for doing ethical business.

argan-oil-packagingEnvironmental design

We don´t compromise our products´quality. And “environmental” doesn´t necessarily mean cheap-looking!

Our Argan oil products packaging was created with the conviction that it is possible to combine the use of few resources and extremely low price recycled materials.

The aim is to beautifully design a packaging for a high quality Argan oil product without having a negative impact either on its quality or its aesthetics.

Efficient use of products and materials

The main raw materials used for packaging our Argan oil products are glass, cardboard, paper, and rattan.

We work towards using as many renewable and recyclable materials as possible.

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  1. will you ship your product to kuwait? if yes how? and what is the duration to reach the product here?

  2. Salaam,

    I’d like to know if there’s any email that I can write to so that I could make more in-depth queries regarding the ordering & purchase of your argan oil? My friend and I are very interested in argan oil products and we’d like to bring it to our part of the world. 🙂 Would appreciate your reply soon.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Suriani,

      Thank you for your message and your interest in our products.

      I’ll kindly ask you to fill in the form on the following page so my colleagues can assist you better and give you precise information (If you look lower, you’ll see the form):




  3. Good Day dear Sir/Madame!
    I have been sending inquiry regarding your products via your contact form, but haven`t received any reply so far.
    I am interested in reselling your products in my country, but i have some questions and concern before going ahead.
    So please contact me via my email, so that we could discuss more on this regards.
    Awaiting for your soonest feedback.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Redouan,

      Thank you for stopping by.

      Depending on the ingredients’ quality as well as the storage environment, Amlou can last between 6 months and 1 year.

      Cheers 🙂

  4. I would like to know if you ship all your products to Mexico? Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Olga,

      Thank you for writing in.

      Yes, we do ship all our products to Mexico 🙂


  5. Hello,

    Do your products has the Ecocert certificate or others?


    1. Hi Mohamed,

      Thank you for stopping by.

      To your question, Arganfarm is located in the biggest Argan region in Morocco and hence sitting in the source of Argan oil. In other words, our products come directly from a hand-picked network of official organic (Ecocert & USDA) certified and Fair-Trade Argan oil cooperatives.

      Cheers 🙂

  6. Do you ship to Manila, Philippines?
    If yes, what is the method of delivery? Is it door-to-door delivery?
    Thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Nat,

      Yes, we do deliver to all Asian countries including Philippines, either via Deutsche Post DHL or the Moroccan national post.
      Whether you receive the parcel to your home directly or to your post office, depends how your domestic Post office operates.

      I hope this answers your questions, but if there is anything else we can do to assist you, please let us know 🙂


    2. The method of delivery whether sent to the home or pick-up at post office is arranged at the time of booking. The rates of the two methods are different. Sure your courier service can provide the detail whether the kind of service they contract with your company is to service the package to the home or only to the local post office. Would appreciate much to know the detail on this before placing the order. Thank you.

    3. Author

      Hi Nat,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      No one here said that the methods of delivery have the same rates 🙂

      In fact I do agree that the rates for door-to-door as opposed to other shipping methods are different. So let me elaborate on my last reply to avoid misunderstandings:

      All our parcels are shipped using the usual door-to-door, insured and trackable mail. However, there are cases from time to time, i.e. where the recipient isn’t at home at the delivery time and their customs or Post office notify them for the pickup, or where the customs or Post offices simply decide to notify the recipient to pick up the parcel, without prior delivery attempt, though the parcel was shipped / and paid for door-to-door.

      While this happens everywhere in the world, it is even different within the same city, i.e. Manila where often the parcel goes through smooth as it should, and sometimes the recipients are notified to pick up their parcels directly from the local Post office.

      We unfortunately have no influence on such behavior nor can we be held responsible for it (if it occurs), simply because, as I wrote in my previous reply to remain transparent, it all boils down to how your domestic Post office operates.


    4. Thank you Bader Eddine, for the clairification.
      You have hit the information I need to know, and that’s: goods are shipped through door-to-door service.
      I’m very careful on this because of my knowledge of the inefficiencies of our domestic postal system. Packages get lost and even delayed unreasonably. I would definitely opt for DHL.
      Once order is placed, do we have the option to select courier service of DHL instead of Moroccan National Post because i believe the counter part of any country’s national post would be our domestic post.

    5. Hi Nat,

      Thank you for your valuable reply.

      Glad you found Bader’s information useful.
      It wouldn’t be a problem to ship your order via DHL through our hub in Germany. It is still no guarantee however, as Bader explained, that the DHL Philippines will deliver it directly to you, even if we assume that this is how it should work.


  7. I made a order on October 16th,2015 I haven’t received anything yet but would like a tracking number to track package or something or someone to tell me when I will be receiving my package order #593582 Thank You so much Erica Delai

    1. Dear Erica,

      Thank you for your valuable feedback.

      Your tracking link has been sent to you per email again.
      Please make sure to check your spam filter, in case you didn’t receive any confirmation emails from us.

      If there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know.


  8. I’m trying to purchase some of your products but it keeps telling me my ZIP code is not correct. It is a postal code in Canada. I have no idea why it is not going through. Also i’m leaving the country in a month and I’m hoping to purchase some before I leave.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your comment and interest in our products.
      Here is an explanation (ZIP code check):


      We have the option to turn that option off temporarily to allow your payment through if you wish, however, we’ll need an additional confirmation from you per email including a scanned copy of your gov. issued ID.

      Let me know and I’ll gladly proceed with you 🙂


  9. Hi,
    I live in Vancouver, Canada and was interested in purchasing the cosmetic Argan oil. I couldn’t find info on shipping dates for the location. How long would it take it to ship the product to my location?

    1. Hi Mira,

      Thank you for your comment and your interest in our products.

      We ship all parcels (unless otherwise is stated on the ordering page) within 48 hours after the payment is processed, and it takes between 14 and 18 business days for the parcels to arrive in Canada / US.


  10. I am interested in purchasing the Cosmetic Argan Oil. I have done some research and on every website I have been under it says do not purchase Argan oil in a clear bottle to only purchase in a dark bottle, as the light can deteriorate the oil potency. I noticed the bottle of the Argan oil you sell is in a frosted bottle, does the frosted bottle protect the oil like a dark bottle would?

  11. I orderd 10 days ago, I asked about shipping, tracking numbers, time of delivery, NO word. today is Monday, August 10th-2015–7:05 Est.———————————–NO WORD

    Please respond

    Russell N Cox

    1. Author

      Hi Russell,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      We respond to all emails within max. 72 hours.
      So please check your spam filter and white-list our email address to make sure you receive all future communication.


  12. Hi Bader,

    I am starting a hair care company. I believe that business should operate with a responsibility to its customers and the environment. All my packaging will be contained within the 3R’s of environmental sustainability – Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
    When I saw your credo, I knew you are the right company that I want to work with.
    I want to create my own brand of Argan oil, however, because I am a start up I would like to offer my customers sample packs or Argan oil when they purchase hair extensions. Please let me know the process and price to supply the oil develop my brand of packaging.


    1. Author

      Hi Marcia,

      Thank you for stopping by and for your valuable insights.
      To be able to assist you better and give you precise information, please feel free to fill the form under the following url:


      We’d gladly help you further and maybe even have you on board.


  13. I am very keen to setup a business only for Argan oil product and to make its benefits popular and widespread in international market.

    I am an Indian but living in Australia for 6 years now. What are suggestion on opening a shop or business only for Argan products under Argan farm.

    I am thinking to either start in Australia or India but I never been into any sort of business before.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Author

      Hi Gurpreet,

      Thank you for your comment and interest in out products.
      We’ll be contacting you on the email address (gurpreetw*******@gmail.com) you provided soon 😉


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