Quantity of Argan fruits for 1 liter Argan oil

How Much Argan Fruit Does It Take To Produce 1 Liter Of Argan Oil?

Note: These videos aren´t here to sell you anything nor are they some of these lame entertainment sales-videos!
They’re for educational purposes only and one of their primary goals is to weed out as much as possible the misleading information about Argan oil spreading around the internet!
If you belong to the stampede of people running towards the latest exaggeration and hype about Argan oil, this isn´t for you!
Furthermore, we´ve spent a considerable amount of time and money on these simple videos, and we´ve done our best to keep them as simple and concise as possible to eliminate all the fluff, leaving only real useable information that will help you take full advantage of this magic natural “Elixir”.

Argan Oil Facts & Fallacies Series


What’s The Approximate Yield Of The Argania Spinosa?

This point is among the ones with the biggest amount of misleading information out there.
Firstly because many are still confusing the Argan nuts with the kernels.
Numrous sources for example are boldtly claiming that around 300Kg of Argan fruits are needed to yield 1 Liter of Argan oil. So question number 5:

How much Argan fruit does it take to yield 1 Liter of Argan oil?

(text transcript of this video is below)

To make sure we deliver you authentic and accurate information, we asked directly the natives who:

      • Know best about Argan oil and Argan culture
      • Have been producing, using and selling Argan oil for ages
      • Are still extracting it the ancestral and traditional way.

Transcript [0:00:39]

Ok, what´s your name?
Fadna, are you willing to answer my questions?
Thank you very much for accepting.
I thank you too.

How much fruit does the Argan tree yield per year?
One tree, you mean?
Yes, one.
If it´s a good tree, it yields a reasonable quantity.
How much approximatively?
Around 2 bags, but it can go until 3 bags.
3 bags!
But it has to be a really good tree.
And if it rained?
Yes, if it rained and if the tree is located on a ploughed ground.
It yields that much if it´s located on a ploughed ground?
And what about its fruits? Are they picked directly from the tree or are these collected from the ground?
No, normally directly from the tree.
Ah, they are picked from the tree?
You don´t wait until they fall on the ground?
Excuse me?
Do you wait until they fall on the ground or do you directly pick them up from the tree?
There are people who wait until they fall on the ground and if there´s something left on the tree, they fell them using stones!

It takes between 25 and 30 Kg of Argan fruits to gain around 2 Kg of Argan kernels that finally yield 1 Liter of pure Argan oil.

End of Audio [0:02:01]

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