The Argan Tree Uses

The Argan Tree Wood Uses

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If you belong to the stampede of people running towards the latest exaggeration and hype about Argan oil, this isn´t for you!
Furthermore, we´ve spent a considerable amount of time and money on these simple videos, and we´ve done our best to keep them as simple and concise as possible to eliminate all the fluff, leaving only real useable information that will help you take full advantage of this magic natural “Elixir”.

Argan Oil Facts & Fallacies Series


What’s The Argan Tree Wood Used For?

I came across at least 2 sellers during my Argan oil online research, that state Argan tree wood as being used to make home decoration articles, boxes etc..
Plain BS.
So question number 10:
What is the Argan tree wood used for?

(text transcript of this video is below)

To make sure we deliver you authentic and accurate information, we asked directly the natives who:

      • Know best about Argan oil and Argan culture
      • Have been producing, using and selling Argan oil for ages
      • Are still extracting it the ancestral and traditional way.

Transcript [0:00:39]

Ok, what´s your name?
Fadna, are you willing to answer my questions?
Thank you very much for accepting.
I thank you too.

Is the Argan tree wood used to produce home decoration stuff etc…?
Like the Thuya items?
No, it´s used as charcoal for example.
And what else? Is it also used as ceiling beams?
Yes, as well.
Called “Tassiout”, right?
Additionally to the charcoal, that´s all? Nothing like the Thuya stuff?
No, that´s something else. Argan wood is used as I stated for example as charcoal or ceiling beams.

Many folks still confuse the Argan tree (Argania Spinoza) with the Thuja tree (Tetraclinis Articulata or Arabic term “Aaraar”).
Although both are harsh-weather resistant and play an important ecological role, yet the Argan tree is found only in the area of south-west Morocco and apart from its main use which is the yield of Argan oil, the Argania Spinoza´s wood is also used to feed cattle, for some minor construction purposes and as charcoal, while the Thuja is essentially found in almost the whole south western mediterranean region is used for making home-related decoration items like wooden jewelry boxes, tables, furniture etc..

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