— Erin May Bulfango / Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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I really like Arganfarm Argan oil because . .

It is the one true all-natural magic you just have to witness for yourself in this world! Nothing compares!

What prompted you to seek Arganfarm Products?

I was just 24 years old then when I noticed my crow’s feet lines getting deeper by the day. I was worried it was making me look older than I really was. You know how they say the eyes give away the first signs of aging!

I was not even married yet & I would have grand-mom looking eyes on my wedding day! I purchased really expensive products from Europe & America that was available on our racks & found no promising improvement! I was getting tired trying chemically-formulated products that swear they’d “fix the problem”.

I was just wasting money! Apart from that, I have occasionally oily skin over my forehead & T-zone with a really dry skin over the areas on the sides of my nose!

What made you believe that Arganfarm’s product was the best for achieving your desired result?

Funny to say, it was their site. I read a lot of articles, Bader (CEO) himself wrote & felt that honesty & most of all- heart in the product.

The site was so genuine, it spoke to me as a friend! It was like all my doubts have been removed & I just took the leap of faith to have stumbled upon a gold mine of a result! ^_^

Before you purchased our product, what concerns or obstacles might have prevented you from buying it?

It was a product although familiar to me was from an unfamiliar source. I was worried over falling under the same scam of buying yet another “argan oil” which would not address any of my skin problems which all the research work & write-ups claimed it can do!

Why did you specifically select Arganfarm for your purchase?

The entire Arganfarm team is AMAZING! From Khadija (The one I was first in contact with), to Khalid (He dealt with me once) to Tamara (present) to Bader himself- so true, so honest, so genuine & so accommodating.

They reply fast & with genuine concern for you! They are very good with details & getting things straightened up to avoid misunderstandings. They take time with you & listen to you as if they were a family member! They have EXEMPLARY COMMUNICATION AMONGST THEMSELVES & they never fail at updating you.

They let you know of every single thing that you need to know behind the scenes! They are very just & very fair. They are very supportive & very meticulous. Best of all, they have a strong company sense of “palabra de honor”- word of honor.


What has pleased you the most about our product?

It surprised me that you can tell the quality is different after the very first time you even use it! It amazed me all the more when I couldpersonally say that IT WORKS ON EVERYBODY! If not the face (say you’re severely allergic for some odd reason), it will still work its magic on your hair, nails & other parts of your body!

How did you benefit through your purchase from Arganfarm?

Asides from all the skin, hair, lip & nail MAGIC I have witnessed on me, my friends & a lot more people, I grew with Arganfarm. Dealing with them taught me a lot of things & has made me stronger & more profound on my personal growth as well as business &communications. They are very patient & if they say experience is the best teacher, I say they’re my BEST EXPERIENCE! ^_^


What were the results of using the product you purchased?

A non-oily forehead & T-zone, well-moisturized skin on the sides of my nose, even skin tone, smaller pores, smoother skin, radiant complexion & pearly-sheen skin most appreciated during the evening time! ^_^

What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted when you used our product?

NO MORE CROW’S FEET LINES FOR ME (And VERRRRY HAPPY!) and no more dry skin on the side of my nose! ^_^

Would you recommend our product to a friend or family member? If yes, why?

I DID already! And to my friends & a lot more simply because their INFALLIBLY “THE AUTHENTIC DEAL” with lots of love on the sides! ^_^

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to purchase an Arganfarm product or not, what would you say to them?

I WOULD STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU GO FOR THEM- this advice I am giving as a friend & a sister. YOU’LL REGRET IT BIGTIME OTHERWISE! ^_^