— Joan Padley / San Francisco, CA, USA


I ordered 3 litters of the delicious culinary Argan oil from Argan Farm in July & received the shipment in perfect shape. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to use 3 litters by next July but it is November and we are emptying the first litter, because it is so good!!

The taste is exquisite!

I am enjoying Argan oil on salads and mixed in with almond butter. It seems to join with food on a deep level; it brings out a wonderful taste and adds something very unique, the Argan flavor is all its own, at least I’ve never tasted anything like it.

My entire family enjoys it

Buying 3 litters was an excellent idea, and thanks so much for the discount. Now we don’t have to dole it out one teaspoon at a time. My latest way to enjoy Argan oil is on goat cheese. I cut the cheese, add some chopped tomatoes and sprinkle on the oil.

So delicious!

Thanks so much for the purity of the product. I trust Arganfarm and feel great about the quality. I’m almost out of the cosmetic oil so I’ll be ordering more of it soon.

Again, my thanks to you and the Argan Farm Collective.

Sending you many blessings,
with best regards,

Joan Padley
San Francisco, CA, USA

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~ Melody Beattie