Argan fruit drying duration

How Long Does It Take To Dry The Argan Fruit Before Processing It For Argan Oil Extraction?

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How Long Are The Argan Fruits Dried Before Being Processed Further?

Some say it takes one year to dry the Argan fruit before it´s ready to process. Others say it can
be processed right after the collection. So question number 3:

  • How long does it take to dry the Argan fruit before processing?
(text transcript of this video is below)

To make sure we deliver you authentic and accurate information, we asked directly the natives who:

      • Know best about Argan oil and Argan culture
      • Have been producing, using and selling Argan oil for ages
      • Are still extracting it the ancestral and traditional way.

Transcript [0:00:39]

Ok, what´s your name?
Fadna, are you willing to answer my questions?
Thank you very much for accepting.
I thank you too.

After collecting the Argan fruits, how long do they have to wait before they are processed to produce oil?
The fruits? Until they are dry.
Yes, we expose them to the sun until they dry, then we store them at home in the bags, then after that we remove the pulp to get out the hard Argan nut.
We name it “akkayn”.
“akkayn”, ok. You remove the pulp?
We release the first skin (pulp)
Only then it becomes an Argan nut. We Berbers name it “akkayn”.
Then we crack the nuts to reach the Kernels.
And how long does the Argan fruit stay in the sun before it dries?
If it´s sunny, it doesn´t take long. It dries within a week. But only if it´s sunny and not raining.
For example in the summer time.

To recapitulate this: The fresh Argan fruit takes around 7 days to dry. After that it´s either stored it in bags for later use or processed directly to extract the Argan kernels as needed.

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