The Different Argan Oil Qualities On The Markets

The Different Qualities Of Argan Oil

Note: These videos aren´t here to sell you anything nor are they some of these lame entertainment sales-videos!
They’re for educational purposes only and one of their primary goals is to weed out as much as possible the misleading information about Argan oil spreading around the internet!
If you belong to the stampede of people running towards the latest exaggeration and hype about Argan oil, this isn´t for you!
Furthermore, we´ve spent a considerable amount of time and money on these simple videos, and we´ve done our best to keep them as simple and concise as possible to eliminate all the fluff, leaving only real useable information that will help you take full advantage of this magic natural “Elixir”.

Argan Oil Facts & Fallacies Series

Argan Oil Sep

What Are The Different Argan Oil Qualities?

Many Argan oil fans believe that the Argan oil sold on the global markets today (either on or offline) is of a standardized quality!
Furthermore, they buy some cheap stuff with few drops of Argan oil in it thinking they made a “deal”.

To clear this, we asked Fadna the following question:

  • Is the Argan oil sold on the markets of a standardized quality?
(text transcript of this video is below)

To make sure we deliver you authentic and accurate information, we asked directly the natives who:

  • Know best about Argan oil and Argan culture
  • Have been producing, using and selling Argan oil for ages
  • Are still extracting it the ancestral and traditional way.

Transcript [0:00:39]

Ok, what´s your name?
Fadna, are you willing to answer my questions?
Thank you very much for accepting.
I thank you too.

What about the Argan oil which is sold in the city: in Agadir, Essaouira or Marrakech for example, is it of a standardized quality? Is it the same quality everywhere?
No, the one of the souks / markets isn´t the same.
Because it´s often diluted.
Yes, it´s often diluted.
With what?
That Argan oil is often mixed with vegetable oil for example. To buy real and pure Argan oil, one should buy it in the cooperatives or directly from the farmers whose wives produce it at home, like in the Ihahan region for example. We produce it at home, and the husbands sell it in the local village markets. But the Argan oil in the cities or on the roadside, I wouldn´t recommend it, as it is more often than not, diluted.
Yes. Many people have been had buying Argan oil and Amlou either in the city markets or on the roadside.
We´re in Chiadma region, right?
There´s Argan oil here, right?
Yes, but pure and real Argan oil only here in the cooperative. Outside, it is unfortunately often cut-off. Even if some of those sellers pretend their Argan oil is pure and real, one should pay attention.
If one wants to make sure buying pure and genuine Argan oil, the real deal is to buy it in the cooperative.

  1. Most of the Argan oil sold on the markets, streets, online etc.. today is diluted unfortunately, & is often of a very low quality. This kind of sellers cut-off the oil to make sure they yield a higher profit on their investment.
  2. Though goats´ Argan oil might be genuine, yet it has a lower quality than the one extracted from hand-collected Argan fruits. The cut of the goats´ Argan oil on the market is not significant.
  3. Genuine, pure & organic Argan oil. This quality is rare. Sort out the fluff & you´ll find only few sellers online who are offering 100% pure organic undiluted Argan oil.

End of Audio [0:01:56]

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