The Different Argan Oil Qualities On The Markets

Why You Should Buy Fresh-Pressed Argan Oil

The Different Argan Oil Qualities On The Markets

The second post in this series is about the different Argan oil qualities available on the different markets worldwide.

The fact that there are many qualities, depending on where and from whom you buy, might seem pretty obvious to you, but believe it or not, the majority of people out there still fail to realize this.

Let me explain,

Many folks are too keen on comparing prices but they often tend to forget checking the quality of the product they are buying.

In the case of Argan oil, and apart from the first two quality categories illustrated above, there are many factors that still influence even the genuine Argan oil quality (kernels provenance, kernels quality, production environment, how long the oil has been on “stock” etc..).

I won’t talk about all of those, as they are pretty self-explanatory. But lets take the journey of Argan oil, starting from its production up to the presentation in the stores, for the sake of example.

Most wholesale / bulk buyers outside of Morocco have to wait between 6 and 8 weeks before their oil reaches the destination land. Add to that the time it needs to be packaged and distributed to the stores, then the time the Argan oil spends on the shelf waiting for the customer (let alone the different temperatures the oil is exposed to, along this journey). The longer the journey, the shorter the post-purchase product life.

And because almost anyone who really knows about Argan oil, is aware that it takes long time for bulk buyers to get it in front of their consumers outside of Morocco, they also know that the quality of the oil isn’t necessarily that of the fresh-pressed one.

While many people start to wake up, others unfortunately still fall for some alleged “bargain” fairytales by opting for dubious offers that turn out to be epic fails to say the least.

That’s why we are offering through Arganfarm,  only upon-demand and fresh-extracted cold-pressed as well as culinary Argan oil, that is produced out of hand-picked Argan fruits.
In other words, it is:

  • Fresh-pressed (no shelf-warmer!)
  • 100% Pure
  • 100% Organic
  • NOT diluted
  • NOT deodorized
  • NOT blended, neither with water nor with any other substances
  • Neither from Animals (i.e. goats) nor tested on them

Further more, it is coming straight from Ecocert- as well as USDA organic certified Argan oil cooperatives.

And that’s the Argan oil quick-shot for today. I’ll see you next time for another short post, until then we look forward to seeing you in the comments section.

Thanks for reading 🙂


  1. Thank you for the hint!
    Seriously, i never thought of this when buying my argan oil.


    1. Author

      Glad you find it helpful.
      Thanks for the words of support 😉

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