Argan Oil & The After-Shaving Issues

Argan Oil For Aftershaving, Epilating and Waxing

Argan Oil After Shaving, Waxing Or Epilating:

When it comes to shaving legs and skin in general, every woman wants her skin to look healthy, smooth and hair-free and this is with good reason.

Yet, the path to perfect legs and skin is often a little hairy, and many experience the same problems!

Do you also have a dry, itchy, red bumpy or even stubbly skin after shaving your skin? Do you experience razor bumps or barber’s rash or even razor burns making your skin look not very pretty (even just once in a while)?

Do you often land in long pants waiting for those disagreeable and annoying shaving scrapes and flakes to soothe?

What about your armpits? Do these feel uncomfortable after a shave?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you probably think you’re “out of luck” cosmetically speaking, especially if you enjoy wearing sleeveless-shirt, skirts or just shorts.

You’re not alone however, skin issues and disorders and are a widespread dilemma in our time, due to a veriety of causes.

In fact, so widespread that presenting a comprehensive treatment of all matters affecting the skin, would be beyond the scope of any article or blog post. (The American Skin Association – ASA- did a good job of compiling a list of helpful links here.)

But don’t panic!

These conditions aren’t necessities: post-shave irritation, nicks or red bumps don’t have to be part of your shaving routine!

You too can easily have your legs, armpits etc.. perfectly smooth and silky, exactly how you wish them to be after shaving.


But before I share with you how you can protect your skin, prevent breakouts from happening in the first place and subsequently get perfectly and amazingly smooth skin after shaving, waxing or epilating, let’s talk about the main causes of these plagues first.

This is important because understanding these often means already half of the solution.

The usual breakouts and skin irritations can be mainly caused by ingrown hair, a blunt blade, not using a proper shaving technique or simply because of an inappropriate shaving lotion or gel (or all of these at once!).

This often results in redness, dryness accompanied with uncomfortable itching and blistering that may lead to further skin inflammation if infected.

Having said that, shaving is a kind of exfoliation.

When you use a sharp razor blade additionally to bath gels, soaps, or shaving lotions to shave, it certainly helps to perform a smoother shave as it scrapes off the top layer of (pore clogging) dead skin cells, but it also automatically slices off hair follicles that contain natural oil.

So it’s just normal that the skin is irritated and has first to rejuvenate after shaving to look normal again.

This process may be a little stressful for the skin especially if the process is repeated often or in winter weather and dry environments.

Therefore, in order to repair the shaving — partial — skin damage and have beautiful smooth skin, caring during and especially after shaving is of utmost importance in this process.

Hence, additionally to adopting the right shaving habits, finishing your shave with a proper moisturizer is synonym to less problems after shaving– … but I am sure you already know that.

Because even if you’re doing things “right” and you’re using a proper shaving technique, it’s unfortunately not a guarantee to prevent the trouble.

The dilemma Is -like in almost every cosmetic area- to find a working product or solution to settle on and hope the manufacturer wouldn’t change the formula so you don’t have to start the “elixir-quest” all over again!

Plus those myths, making the whole thing only harder.

Soap-shaving for instance, is one of these widespread myths.

As soap’s purpose is to clean and strip all oils (thus moisture) and fats along with dirt, leaving you with an itchy, razor-burned and dry, defenseless skin, especially if the soap used contains surfactants.


To cut a long story short, there’s as much information — and misinformation as well as some so-called “pro tips” out there on what a perfect shaving and a comfortable after shaving should look like — as the number of products, but your skin is more valuable than the “tries and errors” sorting out myths from facts, brings with it.

To achieve a clean and comfortable shave and keep a soft, hair-free skin, here’s a small list I’ve put together of few tips which can help you make sure you’re taking care of your skin while and after shaving:

  • Before shaving, condition your skin / hair with a bath or shower
  • Scrub the area you want to shave a little, to remove the dead skin cells
  • Make sure your razor is always new and sharp (goes smoother)
  • Avoid razors with the so called “moisturizing” strips
  • Using some good shaving cream or gel to moisturize and lubricate beforehand and during shaving, will keep the hair soft and resistance-free to remove
  • Use proper shaving technique for a gentle shave: one that works for almost everyone and for all body parts is to wait until the end of the bath or shower to shave
  • Always start shaving with the hair growth direction first then go against the grain (for a more hair-less look)
  • Once you finish shaving, rinse your skin thoroughly of all lotions, creams or gels. Any remains of these can lead to dry and rough skin
  • Towel-dry your skin but avoid rubbing it forcefully with the towel, as this may cause unnecessary irritations
  • And the most important: Moisturize afterwards

The rule of thumb in choosing conditioning and moisturizing lotions, soaps or gels: use real All Natural products.

Remember, the less irritants you use on your skin, the more troublesome conditions you keep away and the more you’ll enjoy your skin afterwards.

But if you’ve already made your products pick, which work better for you, you can use them.

Keeping your skin smooth after shaving, though, most of the time involves more than the use of just any moisturizing gels, creams and lotions.

And investing some extra bucks in an All-Natural Moisturizer will save you (and your Skin) lots of difficulties later.


Fire-extinguisher-36.pngThe Best Moisturizer:

I’m not going to build up any suspense in revealing the simple relief: Oil and oil-based products are the best solutions for silky smooth skin!


because, think about it, your skin is using exactly the same thing to moisturize itself: natural oil.

And in the moisturizing oils league, Argan oil is the frontrunner par excellence!

Using Argan oil after shaving is like applying a solution that is specially-formulated to protect and soften the skin, and indulge suitable moisture while supporting the vital and natural skin rejuvenation process.

This will allow you to shave more often with minimal to no irritation. No wonder that those who tried it wouldn’t go without it anymore!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect moisturizer or an overall skin care, Argan oil will give you the smooth, bump-free skin you sigh for.

The 12 Main Benefits Of Using Pure Argan oil after shaving:

(as listing all of them here would break the mold!)

  • Contains neither irritants, additives, preservatives nor perfumes (if used pure!)
  • Very rich in vitamin E and Omega 3, 6, 9 (which makes it the perfect moisturizer and protection at the same time for your skin)
  • Great for dry itchy skin and a wide list of skin conditions
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties that minimize skin redness and dryness
  • Has antiseptic and bactericide properties
  • Has restorative and age-defying effects
  • Non-greasy, non-oily and non comodogenic (doesn’t clog pores)
  • Highly absorbent by nature
  • Helps regulate your skin’s natural oils
  • Long-lasting fresh, soft and silky feeling
  • Helps achieve that smooth, silky and flawless glow every time
  • Way better than aloe vera or shea butter

Besides, the last thing you may want to introduce your freshly-shaved sensitive skin to, is a bunch of harmful and irritating chemicals whose impact might only be seen in the long run.

If you’re new to Argan oil or want to simply learn more about its uses and benefits, you can start here.

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The Outcome?

If you opt for using Argan oil after shaving at least a couple times, you’ll see your skin will completely recover from shaving traumas it’d been through in former sessions.

No more itching nor claw marks. But your skin will be as smooth as silk again and perfect for wearing what you see fit and not what your scratches prescribe!!

If you use it for example for your armpits, it will not only make you feel fresh and clean-looking but it will make them feel silky and help prevent building-up any bacteria which is mainly responsible for underarms undesirable odors.

Bottom Line:

Using Argan oil after shaving as a moisturizer is all you have to do in order to put an end to skin shaving issues and get smooth skin after shaving.


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