Argan tree

Argan International congress: The 2nd edition

Secretary General of the Department of Agriculture, Mr Mohammed Sadiki, chaired on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing, the official opening of the International Congress on the argan tree, which ran from 9 to 11 December 2013 in Agadir.

Secretary General of the High Commission for Water and Forests and the fight against desertification, Mr. Abderrahim El Houmi, Wali of the Region Souss Massa Draa, Mr Mohamed El Yazid Zellou, and President of the Regional Council Souss Massa Draa, Mr. Hafidi Brahim, took part in the opening session.

The organization of this scientific conference reflects the importance given to scientific and technological research as a lever for sustainable development of the argan tree.

This biannual appointment is an opportunity to share knowledge and research findings on the argan tree and the argan products between researchers and national and international experts, economic managers and participants.

Considering the importance of this sector in local social, economic and environmental development, it provides pathways that receive support under the Green Morocco Plan .

The protection and development of the Argan tree are the responsibility of the National Agency for the Development of Oasis Zones and Argan (ANDZOA), established in February 2010 under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing.

The areas of the argan tree have, since the presentation to His Majesty the King on 04/10/2013 in Errachidia, a development strategy based on an integrated and participatory approach, which takes account of all the sectoral strategies.

The goals for 2020 are ambitious and the overall aim is the rehabilitation of the argan forest on an area of 200,000 hectares, installing modern plantations equipped with drip irrigation system on an area of 5,000 hectares, improving production of argan oil to reach 10,000 tons per year against 4,000 tonnes currently, and the development and promotion of argan products.

The strategy gives great importance to the specific scientific research on argan particularly through the emergence of a research competence center and integrated development dedicated to the argan tree.

A national research network on the argan tree (RENARGANE) is in place and a clear vision is designed for a national center of the Argania Spinosa.

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