Argan Oil For Cracked Heels

Argan Oil: The Wonder Potion For Cracked Heels

Taking Care Of Your Cracked Heels Effectively:

If you have healthy heels & are already taking good care of them, you’re to be congratulated as you might have recognized their importance.

Reading on might nevertheless still benefit you with some tips to keep you going the path of protecting them.

But if you don’t, panic not!

This will be a worthwhile read for you.

When it comes to health-care priorities, (like in the case of hair & scalp case), many of us tend to focus on some parts at the expense of others depending on our perception & our definition of what’s important & what’s not.

Yet sometimes, the causes might simply be beyond our reach!

So it is with the heels: These are always on the go from morning until evening & consequently deserve extra care.

And although their well-being is, weirdly enough, often taken for granted or simply neglected until they get a word in edgeways becoming flaky, dry, cracked, painful & an undelightful sight, the main causes are often contingent upon conditions we unfortunately can’t influence.

Cracked heels can befall anyone, anytime, anywhere; however the atrocious cases are reported during dry & chilly weather, though!

Let us examine some of the deep-set causes of the cracked heels to get a better understanding whereby to solve & even avoid such a nagging plague.

You can get chapped, cracked heels (and skin in general) from excessive exposure to external environmental effects. These external effects can be categorized under…

Non-Medical Causes Of Cracked Heels:

These may include:

  • Cold weather & dry air especially during the cold winter months
  • Excessive exposure to hot water, cleaning agents or aggressive chemicals
  • Prolonged standing (increases the pressure on the skin of the heels)
  • Excessive use of sandals, slingback or open-back shoes (the heel expansion through pressure on the sides promotes skin cracking)
  • Excessive walking around barefoot

But there are also numerous medical disorders that can contribute to dry, cracked heels as well, especially diseases that cause nerve damage, sweating, or dehydration, & other skin issues. Let´s wrap these under

Medical Causes:

  • Anhidrosis (reduction or loss of sweating) especially for diabetics
  • Dermatitis (a skin infection that has many causes)
  • Diabetic Neuropathy (Nerve damage caused by high blood sugar levels / diabetes)
  • Eczema (itchy, flaky skin)
  • Obesity (extra pressure on the heels cause the skin to crack especially when combined with prolonged standing )
  • Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid)
  • Ichthyosis (a hereditary disease characterized by scaly skin)
  • Psoriasis (a skin disease that may cause itchy thick patches, silvery scales & skin redness)

The second part of the problem is often the challenge to find really working treatments to “gain” back your healthy heels after the cracks deepen & the skin starts to peel off.

One often hears disappointed complaints of dissatisfied people suffering cracked heels like:

I´ve paid over $100 & tried out many moisturizers, creams, & so-called perfect skin elixirs & even tried some All Natural products & nothing worked until I tried this amazing oil!

This “try & error” quest is of no good, as it may very likely lead to possible complications especially that it means — for the affected person in this case — more time loss & higher risk of case worsening.

It´s not rare that deep cracked heels are prone to systemic infections which may in their turn lead to sepsis if left untreated or even treated in an unsterilized manner.

And although this is a really rare case, it´s not unheard of!

Hence the importance to:

  • Make sure you include practices in your health-care & beauty regimen to prevent potential cracks in the first place
  • Treat all cracks or openings already existing in your skin in order to reduce the risk of potential complications & permanent damages including the deepening of the cracks, deep-tissue skin infections, scarring & disfigurement, sepsis & infection spreading.

If you´re suffering excessively-dry or cracked heels (or feet in general), to heal them might be as facile as making some small habit-tweaks.

Here are some easy yet effective tips, to name a few, you can follow to remedy & avoid cracked heels:

  • Exfoliate This is a must! To cleanse off dead skin cells, soak your feet in warm water for ≈ 15 minutes then use a pumice stone for best outcome & gently scrub from the crackled heels
  • Moisturize After you exfoliate, towel dry your feet & thoroughly moisturize the cracks. Moisturizing often will prevent the cracks from deepening or showing up in the first place. Oil-based moisturizers yield good results
  • Protect your cracked heels by wearing no-open backed shoes or sandals for going out, by wearing slippers or warm socks when at home especially in the winter (dry & chilly weather). This will prevent the cracks from drying & protect them against dirt & potential bacterial infections in the case of severe & deep cracks
  • Pamper your feet (the oftener the better). As I mentioned earlier, the feet & the heels are often working more than most of other body parts do, it is but fair to grant them some rest. You don´t need to lash out on expensive spa programs nor regular pedicure salon visits to avoid cracked heels. A gentle & thorough massage at home is sufficient to “spoil” them.

Now, the last hurdle on the path to healthy feet & heels — like in any other health-care & beauty issue — is often the agony of the right product choice.

In this as in many cases, simple solutions often work miracles. Our only problem is that we´re often overwhelmed & spoilt for choice by the flood of so many products promising more than what they do. The question which arises then is: What solution should I approach to heal & even avoid cracked heels?

Among the best results scored to date are with Argan oil even for severely-dry heels!

Argan oil not only has high levels of vitamins & minerals that help nourish & lock-in moisture in your heels & feet skin, but will also enable you to effectively combine 2 out of the tips listed above into one overarching formula: Moisturizing + Pampering.

What Does Really Matter?

Here’s my ultimate take on this kind of distasteful issues:

Chemical solutions can work in the short run but they turn out to be an unforeseen problem which silently wrecks one´s expectations (and often adds more wretchedness to the initial problem)!

But if you do seriously care about your health, and more importantly, want to preserve & enjoy it for a long time, you can do that in a pretty natural way & even still slacken off your pocket thereby!

The way to do that is to make sure you use great natural products that yield as many of the results you’re after as possible. And Argan oil, that specifically promises to deliver those results & many other undreamed-of benefits, is a great way to make it happen.

If you decide to give Argan oil a go, you can find how to use it best for your heels here.

Say “hey” in the comments & let me know about your approach in this matter 😉


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