Culinary Argan oil is also used to cook one of Morocco's famous dishes: The Tajine (or Tagine).

As we’ve seen before, the rare organic Argan oil is highly valued because of its wide array of documented health properties as well as its cosmetic and beauty benefits and uses.

Besides its medicinal and cosmetic benefits, pure culinary Argan oil can be used as a well-balanced dietary supplement and for creating incredibly delicious meals that provide the body’s essential nutritional needs promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Anyone who’s already tasted the organic culinary Argan oil surely remembers its light smell, the fine nutty taste and rich flavor.

The variety of pure culinary Argan oil uses in authentic Moroccan recipes goes from simple bread dipping with peppermint tea for the breakfast to the use in several main dishes, i.e. stirred into couscous and used in Tagines.

It is also used as a salad-dressing without forgetting the famous Yummy! sweet Amlou — the Moroccan thick brown almond dip with a kind of peanut butter consistency.

Amlou is used locally as a bread dip.

It is made by simply grinding roasted almonds and mixing these with pure culinary Argan oil plus some honey.

The “magic” lies in the ingredients’ proportions, though.

In the gourmet cuisine, the precious culinary Argan oil has gained a vital place for people desiring to maintain a healthy balanced diet thanks to its rich and unique natural composition.

Yet, it has only been within the last decade that it became known outside of Morocco.

Beyond that, due to the high and on-going demand, the culinary Argan oil is now considered by many chefs worldwide as a luxury high-end exotic ingredient.

It is used most as a dressing to a variety of crudités and amuse-bouches, to enhance these with the delicate nutty taste adding yet another layer of herbal touch and smell.

Genuine culinary Argan oil is very suitable to be used for balanced dietary purposes because of its direct, instant and positive impact on the vital functions of our body as well as our immune system.

These are some recipes that culinary Argan oil flavors:

  • Tagine
  • Couscous
  • Salads
  • Meat & Chicken Skewers
  • Amlou

The delicate nutty taste of pure culinary Argan oil in addition to its high beneficial dietary values, were among the major factors that contributed to its worldwide success.


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