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Why Arganfarm?

Today, with all kinds of Argan oil ‘experts’ as well as products (ranging from the allegedly 100% pure, up to those containing only some traces of this gift) flooding the stores, we know how hard, how long it can take & how expensive it can get to find a reliable source of 100% pure, organic & genuine Argan oil with no help.

Here are the 3 main reasons why buying Arganfarm products is your safest boat.

Top-notch service

You get a product that is 100% pure, organic, Fair-Trade & fresh-pressed straight off the grinder (full shelf-life), directly from Morocco. No shelf warmer, no 'almost expiring' product & no lab concoction!

Support a worthy cause

By opting for Arganfarm, you'll contribute to the Fair-Trade movement & support the hard-laboring women in our region's cooperatives. This way, you'll also help preserve Argan oil for future generations.

Hassle-free money back

Give our product your personal test run. If you aren't satisfied, for any reason, simply return the parcel & we'll rush you a refund of every penny of your purchase price. No questions asked, & no strings attached. Period.

We are proud of our

Certified quality

Our Argan oil & products, come fresh-pressed directly from fair-trade, organic-certified, traditional & women-run Argan oil cooperatives.

Argan oil in numbers

1 Argan Tree Yields
0 kg
of Fruits / Year

It Takes
0 kg
Of Argan Fruits

To Gain
0 kg
Of Kernels

0 h
Of Hard Labor

… to yield 1 liter of this precious God-Sent cosmetic gift!

Add to that…

0 min

to roast the 2 Kg needed for 1 Liter of culinary Argan Oil,

... And Around
0 min

… to grind & process it into 1 Liter of a powerful natural health Elixir!

The highest standards ~ the happiest clients.