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Today, with all kinds of Argan oil ‘experts’ as well as products (ranging from the allegedly 100% pure, up to those containing only some traces of this gift) flooding the stores, we know how hard, how long it can take & how expensive it can get to find a reliable source of 100% pure, organic & genuine Argan oil with no help.

Here are the 3 main reasons why buying Arganfarm products is your safe boat.

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Top-Notch Quality & Service

You get a product that is 100% pure, organic, Fair-Trade & fresh-pressed straight off the grinder (hence with its full shelf-life), directly from its native source in Morocco. No shelf warmer, no ‘almost expiring’ product & no lab concoction!

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You Support A Worthy Cause

By opting for Arganfarm products, you’ll contribute to the Fair-Trade movement by supporting the hard-laboring women in Argan oil cooperatives of our region. This way, you’ll also help preserve this natural gift for future generations.

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Hassle-Free Money Back!

Give our product your personal “test run”. If you aren’t satisfied, for any reason, simply return the parcel & we’ ll rush you a complete refund of every penny of your purchase price. No questions asked, no delays & no strings attached. Period.

Our commitment

Argan Oil Sep

Arganfarm started out several years ago as a small business located in the source of Argan oil here in Morocco & made one huge promise:

to constantly support & empower local hard-working women in the Argan oil cooperatives & evolve according to the market needs.

Today, with almost 2 decades in the Argan oil business, the brand has become one of the leading & reliable players in the field.

At the heart of the brand, a philosophy of supplying you with top-notch products,

while preserving our unwavering commitment to serve both: you (our valuable clients) as well as the cooperatives, reflects itself.

In addition to the constant high quality we offer you, each & every product we ship, is fresh-pressed upon order. This is what differentiates Arganfarm & gives it its unquestionable credibility in the eyes of thousands of satisfied wholesale & retail clients worldwide, who use our products every day.

Our commitment to steadily evolve the service & our ethical approach makes us absolutely confident that this will also remain the case.

The highest standards. The happiest clients.

What our clients say

Argan Oil Sep

— Erin May Bulfango / Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

It is the one true all-natural magic you just have to witness for yourself in this world! Nothing compares!

I was worried over falling under the same scam of buying yet another “argan oil” which would not address any of my skin problems & which all the research work & write-ups claimed it can do!

It surprised me that you can tell the quality is different after the very first time you even use it!

It amazed me all the more when I could personally say that it works on everybody!

It works as it promised it would.

No more crow’s feet lines for me (and verrrry happy!) & no more dry skin on the side of my nose! I would strongly suggest you go for Arganfarm- this advice I am giving as a friend & a sister. You’ll regret it big time otherwise!

— Joan Padley / San Francisco, CA, USA

I ordered 3 litters of the delicious culinary Argan oil from Argan Farm in July & received the shipment in perfect shape. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to use 3 litters by next July but it is November & we are emptying the first litter, because it is so good!!

The taste is exquisite!
I am enjoying Argan oil on salads and mixed in with almond butter. It seems to join with food on a deep level; it brings out a wonderful taste & adds something very unique, the Argan flavor is all its own, at least I’ve never tasted anything like it.

My entire family enjoys it.
Buying 3 litters was an excellent idea. Now we don’t have to dole it out one teaspoon at a time.
My latest way to enjoy Argan oil is on goat cheese. So delicious!

Thanks so much for the purity of the product. I trust Argan Farm & feel great about the quality.
Again, my thanks to you and the Argan Farm Collective.
Sending you many blessings, with best regards.


— Nash / USA

Arganfarm.com is by far the best.

I have SEVERE dry skin on my face, lips and legs. I have used organic (raw) coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil & other expensive creams. Nothing helped restore my skin (I can wear makeup again!- yay!!) like argan oil.

I was desperate to find a cure & I finally have. I also use this for my children’s skin. They love it! Give it a shot. I hope you will love it as much as I do.

My skin has improved SO well & I just started on it. I believe this stuff is AMAZING!
I have ordered a few oils from different companies and this one is by far the best in price and purest quality I have found (after days of research & contacting multiple companies to answer my questions).

It has changed my family’s life. The best thing that has happened to our family. We are striving for longevity & healthy happy life. May God bless you!

— Luca D’Angelo / Parksville – British Columbia, Canada

Compared to the other lesser quality products it actually smells like Argan Oil; which means that it is 100%.

That is the way I like it.

I have just started using for about 2 weeks now. I purchased it because I heard that Argan Oil can help in promoting hair regrowth.

I have a shampoo that has Argan oil in it. And I thought it might be more effective if I put pure oil on too! Well we will wait and see.

It has helped with dry scalp and dandruff already.

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